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Product Short Description

SMALL BUT MIGHTY VACUUM CLEANER: This bagless vacuum cleaner has great suction as both a handheld vac or upright vacuum cleaner with no power lost regardless of the accessory used. It’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making it an ideal choice for those who find lifting heavy items difficult. Having to drag a large vacuum cleaner for small bits of dirt can be a hassle but with the VC9 upright vacuum cleaners as your second vacuum, use this corded stick vac anytime with ease.

PERFECT FOR SMALL HOMES: The corded VC9 stick vacuum cleaner is ideal for small houses, flats and single rooms like in student accommodation. It’s also perfect as a second hoover for a family home to easily clean small areas of mess. The slender design of this stick vacuum cleaner takes up very little room and can be stored anywhere making it ideal if you do not have much storage space.

CONVERTIBLE UPRIGHT VACUUM TO HANDHELD VAC: At the touch of a button the VC9 corded vacuum cleaner can convert from an upright stick vacuum into a handheld vac within a few seconds. It has a removable dust container that collects all the dust and dirt from the floor inside; it’s transparent so it’s easy to see when the pot is full and can be emptied easily without mess or fuss.

DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED WITH THE VC9 STICK VACUUM CLEANER: The VC9 vacuum cleaners feature a standard floor brush and crevice tool. The VC9 corded vacuum cleaner also comes with 2x HEPA filters that can be cleaned at home and used again and again. Spare filters are available for sale separately should you need one.

SPECIFICATIONS OF THE HAND HELD VC9 CORDED VACUUM CLEANER: Size: 104.5 x 26 x 14.5cm. Weight: assembled upright vacuum 1.4kg / handheld vacuum only 1kg. Dust container capacity: 0.8L. Energy rating: A. 2x HEPA filters included. Attachments included with VC9 vacuum cleaners: floor brush, crevice tool and filter cleaning brush. Power cable: 5m. Power: 600W. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-Pin Plug.

Enhanced description

Duronic VC9 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the Duronic VC9 stick vacuum cleaner, a must-have appliance in your home. This innovative device combines power with outstanding energy efficiency, ensuring speedy and thorough cleaning in every corner of your house.

The VC9 stick vacuum cleaner boasts versatility, effortlessly handling mess of all kinds, from crumbs on tables to dirt brought in from outside. This corded stick vacuum is perfect for small flats, shared living spaces but it also serves as an excellent backup vacuum for larger homes.

With its agile manoeuvrability and sleek design, the VC9 stick vacuum glides through tight spots and tricky-to-reach areas with ease. Its flat-headed brush and slender frame ensure effortless cleaning under furniture and tables, where traditional upright vacuums struggle.

For added convenience, this vacuum transforms into a handheld device at the push of a button, perfect for tackling stairs, car interiors, and other tricky spots. Discover the ultimate in cleaning convenience with the Duronic VC9 stick vacuum cleaner.

Features in the VC9 corded stick vacuum

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Advanced HEPA Filtration System

This corded stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced HEPA filter capable of capturing minuscule dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, this system significantly reduces airborne dust emissions. It effectively traps up to 99.97% of the dust and particles that traverse through it, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

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Versatile Cleaning Attachments

This upright vacuum cleaner features a convenient crevice nozzle, perfect for efficiently cleaning tight and inaccessible spaces, such as alongside sofas or within car interiors. Additionally, the floor brush, designed for versatile floor cleaning, is suitable for use on any surface within the household.

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Powerful Compact Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The VC9 electric vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful 600W motor, which allows you to clean the whole house with ease and is energy efficient too.

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Handle Assembly

Assembling the vacuum cleaner handle is straightforward. Begin by securely fastening the handle to the extension pole using the provided screws. Next, insert the pole into the main body of the vacuum until it clicks into place.

Vacuum Cleaner with 0.8L Dust Container

The dust container in this stick vacuum cleaner boasts a generous capacity of 800ml for storing dirt and dust. To empty it, simply detach the container from the main motor body by pressing the button, then empty the container into a bin.

Cleaning the HEPA filters

The HEPA filter can be thoroughly cleaned using the provided brush, ensuring meticulous cleaning of every crevice. Additionally, the VC9 vacuum cleaner includes 2 HEPA filters and a dedicated brush for effortless filter maintenance.

VC9 Upright Corded Vacuum features in Detail

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When in upright mode the vacuum cleaner measures 104.5x14.5x26cm and weighs 1.4kg, making it easy to use and store after each use.

When in handheld mode it measures only 44cm and weighs just 1kg so is very easy to use around the house.

Weighs only 1.4kg

The lightweight design of the VC9 corded vacuum cleaner makes it an ideal choice for those less able to lift heavy items.

Moreover, its upright design simplifies placement in storage spaces, eliminating the need to struggle with fitting a hose or heavy brush into the area.

Cable Tidy Feature

Essential for every vacuum cleaner; the VC9 vacuum cleaner is equipped with two hooks that allow you to wind up the cable after each use.

The power cable is 5 metres in length which allows you easily manoeuvre around your home.

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