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Kitchen Scales

Duronic Digital Kitchen Scales with Bowl KS5000

Follow your favourite recipes with the help of a set of KS5000/SR silver digital kitchen scales. The KS5000 kitchen weighing scales will look the part in any kitchen, and because they have a very slim profile (only 1.6cm!) they can be stored away easily too. The removable 3-litre stainless-steel mixing bowl can be used to weigh all the ingredients you need in one go, so there's less mess and less washing up to do! As well as weighing dry ingredients, these scales can also measure wet ingredients/fluids too. Simply select the correct unit according to what you wish to start measuring.

Imperial or Metric?

We're all used to measuring one way or the other, and with the ability to change the unit means these kitchen scales can suit whoever is using them at the time. Switching between different units of measurement couldn't be easier, simply touch the unit button to choose between grams (g), millilitres (ml), fluid ounces (fl.oz) or pounds and ounces (lb.oz).