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Folding Occasion Table CT13

Suitable for a wide range of uses, the Duronic CT13 trestle table is a useful piece of furniture to have on standby for when the event arises.

Highly versatile by design, this occasional table can be erected simply by pressing the button on the height adjustment bar between the scissor frame legs and guiding the table to the height you need.

It's both lightweight and easy to move around, while at the same time heavy-duty meaning you can rely on this table for all manner of jobs and occasions no matter how big or small.

The desk top is made from HDPE recycled plastic which provides a strong, robust and heatproof surface that can hold up to 25kg.

CT13 features

Compact Size and Shape

The tabletop area is 62.5x43cm / 24.6x163.9in, which is ideal for use as a personal table for a laptop, TV dinner, for crafts or for making a puzzle.

When folded it is only 8cm wide which means the table can store away easily behind or between furniture or underneath a sofa or bed.

Lightweight Portable Design

The best of both worlds, the CT13 table is lightweight and easy to transport and manoeuvre while at the same time being very strong, and robust and can hold up to 25kg in weight.

The X-shaped legs provide a good level of balance and support and the rubber feet ensure a high level of stability.

Adjustable Height Table

Adjusting the height of this camping table is easily done by the button on the legs. It can be adjusted to four different heights:

-  42cm / 16.5in,
-  51.4cm / 20.2in,
-  65cm / 25.6in,
-  70.8cm / 27.9in.

Gatherings / Parties

The lightweight portable table is great for outdoor events and activities such as camping, fairs, public events and so much more. Simply pop it into your car boot to take it wherever you need.

BBQs / Outdoor Cooking

When catering for parties or gatherings it's useful to have an extra table for utensils, condiments or drinks. Pop up the CT13 next to your cooking setup to extend your preparation area.

Picnics / Camper Van Life

Being so easy to move from location to location, this small trestle table can be used if you live in a mobile home as it can be stored flat under or behind furniture. It's also a great accompaniment to picnics and especially for keeping food off the ground and out of the reach of pets. 

Bed Side / Side Coffee Table

This collapsible table can be used in any room of the house; from the living room to the bedroom, you are sure to find this desk useful and convenient. Use as a laptop desk, a TV dinner table or a sofa side table. 

Crafting / Puzzles

Perfect for being used as a games table, the CT13 can be pulled out whenever you feel like playing a board game or working on your favourite crafting hobby.

Special Occasions / Impromptu Visitors

Gathering with family or friends can often require catering for more people than you're used to, which is where an occasional table comes into use! Simply slide out of storage and pop open for instant tabletop space.

Garage / Garden Shed

Tinkering with tools requires your full attention, not only on the task at hand but to ensure you don't lose nuts, bolts, tools, and fixings.

A great way to keep things organised is by having them all placed safely on a work table so whenever you need something it is at easy reach.

Fairs / Car Boot Sales

Do you like a good old car boot sale or town fair? If so this table can be a huge help on the day to display and sell your wares. School fetes and church fairs will be made all the easier with this table by your side.

DIY / Hobbies

This is a heavy-duty folding table, well suited to DIY tasks such as pasting or painting. With a durable plastic top, it's easy to wipe clean after each use and can be folded down and put away between tasks or at the end of each day.