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The Duronic Foundation
Supporting Global Communities Together
The Duronic Foundation is a non-profitable charity organisation created by the founders of Duronic in 2015. This charity has been built to help those who need it most around the world and helping them achieve a brighter future, better lifestyle and standard of living.

Since its launch, The Duronic Foundation has helped communities and individuals in over 5 different countries - donating solar powered products to communities without access to electricity in Tanzania, helping to fund and provide refugee shelters in the UK and France with necessities and essential items and providing much needed medically approved prescription glasses to individuals living in poverty-stricken villages around Bangladesh.

The Duronic Foundation will be involved in many more projects in the future and public contribution and aid is always invited and encouraged. If you are interested in finding out how you could help those in need through The Duronic Foundation, then please contact us at with your enquiry.

Nepal - Earthquake

France Calais - Refugee camp

Tanzania - Light up the way home