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USER-FRIENDLY WITH ONE PRESS OPERATION - With its one-press operation, the Duronic electric can opener offers user-friendly functionality, ideal for individuals seeking a swift and effortless method to open tin cans. This can opener comes with a detachable lever facilitating easy cleaning. Additionally, it includes a magnet for securely holding the lid once the can has been opened.

WHO CAN USE THIS CAN OPENER? Anyone can use this can opener including individuals with limited mobility or with health conditions such as Arthritis. Its design doesn’t require the need for continuous holding once attached to the magnet or during operation. Additionally, with the one-press lever feature, it reduces strain on the hands and wrists.

ENHANCED VERSATILITY WITH KNIFE SHARPENER AND BOTTLE OPENER - This tin opener features a built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener at the rear, enhancing versatility. The incorporation of multiple functions enhances convenience and saves time by consolidating everything in one tool. This centralised design not only increases convenience but also reduces the necessity to purchase additional tools separately.

HOW DO YOU USE THE ELECTRIC CAN OPENER? The Duronic CO60 can opener is simple to assemble and use. Firstly, attach the handle to the can opener and swing the handle down. Attach the top of the can to the magnet. When the can is attached, press the handle down and the can opener will start working. The tin opener will stop automatically once the can has been opened.

SLEEK, CONTEMPORARY DESIGN FOR AESTHETIC APPEAL - The can opener boasts a compact, sleek, and modern design that combines functionality with style. Its compact size ensures minimal countertop space is used, while its stainless steel construction seamlessly integrates with contemporary kitchen decor. This design offers simple yet versatile functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

CABLE MANAGEMENT FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE - This electric can opener features integrated cable storage at the back, promoting improved cable organisation. This not only enhances safety but also ensures the cable remains neat and unobtrusive, avoiding potential hazards. Additionally, the ability to neatly store away the cable enables the tin opener to fit into tighter spaces without causing any inconvenience.

SPECIFICATIONS - The Duronic electric can opener is designed for convenience and efficiency. With compact dimensions 25(H) x 12.5(W) x 14(D)cm, it fits comfortably on countertops without taking up excessive space. The 94cm cable ensures flexibility in placement and tidy cable management with integrated storage. Weighing under 1kg, it's lightweight yet sturdy for easy handling. Operating at 220-240V, this opener delivers reliable performance for effortless can opening.