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Short Product Description

DUAL CONE SIZES - This citrus juicer comes equipped with two different-sized juicing cones, providing versatility and efficiency in your juicing experience. Larger cones are perfect for fruits like oranges and grapefruits, while smaller cones cater to lemons or limes. Seamlessly switch between sizes to accommodate various fruits, enhancing efficiency and ensuring optimal juice extraction every time.

ANTI-SLIP FEATURES - With an anti-slip ring around the base and rubber grip feet, this citrus juicer offers stability and efficiency during operation. Say goodbye to unwanted movement or tipping, as these features keep the electric orange squeezer securely in place on your countertop. Not only does this ensure a safer juicing experience, but it also protects your surfaces from scratches caused by unnecessary movements.

ADJUSTABLE FILTER - Enjoy customised juice exactly to your preference with this orange squeezer’s adjustable stainless steel filter. Whether you like your juice with the pulp or not, this filter allows you to control the amount of pulp in your drink. This versatility ensures that every batch of juice caters to your taste buds, while also making cleaning a breeze with its easy-to-maintain stainless steel construction.

EFFICIENT JUICE EXTRACTION WITH LEVER HANDLE - Experience maximised juice extraction with this orange squeezer's innovative lever handle. This feature applies the perfect amount of pressure to fruits, ensuring efficient juice extraction with minimal effort. Enjoy efficiently extracting fresh citrus using the Duronic citrus juicer.

EASY CLEANING WITH DETACHABLE PARTS –Cleaning this citrus juicer is easy with its detachable parts. Simply remove the juice cover and filter for thorough cleaning, ensuring hygiene and maintaining the juicer's pristine condition. This user-friendly design enhances your overall juicing experience, making clean-up a quick and hassle-free task after enjoying your freshly squeezed juice.

ADJUSTABLE SPOUT - Take control of your pouring experience with this citrus juicer's adjustable spout. Lift it to close the spout, preventing any juice from escaping until you're ready to pour. This feature adds convenience and reduces mess, allowing you to pour your juice with precision and ease.

LARGE CAPACITY FOR GATHERINGS - Perfect for families or small gatherings, this citrus juicer boasts a generous capacity of up to 500ml. Whether you're hosting brunch or simply enjoying a refreshing drink with loved ones, this orange squeezer ensures you have enough freshly squeezed juice to go around.

POWERFUL OPERATION FOR MAXIMISED JUICE EXTRACTION - Experience the ultimate juice extraction with this citrus juicer's powerful operation at 500W. Its dual rotation function efficiently extracts juice from fruits, reducing waste and maximising yield. Whether you're juicing oranges, lemons, or grapefruits, rest assured that this juicer delivers every drop of goodness.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Designed with convenience in mind, this juicer is lightweight and easy to handle. Whether you're moving it around the kitchen or storing it away, its lightweight construction makes it a breeze to lift and manoeuvre. Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome appliances and hello to effortless juicing with this lightweight citrus juicer.

SPECIFICATIONS - This electric citrus juicer press operates at 220-240V, utilising 600W of power to ensure efficient performance for your juicing requirements. Measuring 32.6(H) x 18(W) x 26(D) cm, it’s compact and suitable for various kitchen setups. Weighing less than 2kg, this electric citrus press is lightweight and highly portable.

Enhanced Description

Duronic JE605 Electric Citrus Juicer

Large Banner JE605.jpg__PID:8a46006d-3aae-4bc2-8fd7-3df5df4fcc3c

Introducing the Duronic JE605 electric citrus juicer, designed for effortless juicing. With features like a fruit grip, adjustable filter, and dishwasher-safe parts, enjoy efficient juicing every time. Plus, its powerful 300W motor ensures quick and easy operation.

Duronic JE605 Electric Citrus Press Features

Fruit Gripper JE605.jpg__PID:d68a4600-6d3a-4e8b-820f-d73df5df4fcc

Fruit Grip on Citrus Press

The electric citrus juicer features a fruit grip, ensuring the fruit stays securely in place while juicing, making the process efficient.

Cover and Hnadle.jpg__PID:100057d6-8a46-406d-baae-8bc20fd73df5

Electric Citrus Juicer Handle

The citrus juicer's handle increases grip and lowers strain; using the handle to push the fruit activates the press, allowing easy juice extraction.

Small size cup.jpg__PID:46006d3a-ae8b-420f-973d-f5df4fcc3c7e

Small Sized Citrus Juicer cone

The small-sized lemon squeezer cone accommodates fruits like lime and lemon, ensuring optimal juicing for smaller produce, enhancing versatility.

Big size cup.jpg__PID:4d100057-d68a-4600-ad3a-ae8bc20fd73d

Large Sized Citrus Juicer cone

The large-sized citrus juicer cone suits oranges and grapefruits, enabling efficient juicing of larger fruits, enhancing versatility and juice yield.

Other Features on the Duronic Lemon Squeezer JE605

Dishwash safe JE605.jpg__PID:0057d68a-4600-4d3a-ae8b-c20fd73df5df

Dishwasher Safe Parts

The electric citrus juicer features a fruit grip, ensuring the fruit stays securely in place while juicing, making the process efficient.

Filter JE605.jpg__PID:57d68a46-006d-4aae-8bc2-0fd73df5df4f

Adjustable Citrus Press Filter

The electric citrus juicer features an adjustable filter for controlling pulp, offering customised juicing preferences and versatility.

spout Feature JE605.jpg__PID:006d3aae-8bc2-4fd7-bdf5-df4fcc3c7e83

Flexible Pouring Spout

The electric citrus juicer's spout controls flow, allowing easy start/stop, minimising spills, and ensuring precise pouring for mess-free juicing.

Anti slip feature JE605.jpg__PID:f94d1000-57d6-4a46-806d-3aae8bc20fd7

Anti Slip Citrus Juicer Feet

The electric citrus juicer features anti-slip feet for stability, preventing accidents and ensuring safe operation when being used.

A+ Large Banner JE605.jpg__PID:6d3aae8b-c20f-473d-b5df-4fcc3c7e8381

Powerful 300W Electric Citrus Juicer

The electric orange squeezer boasts a powerful 300W motor and a generous 0.85m cable length, providing ample power and flexibility for convenient use in any kitchen setup, ensuring efficient juicing with ease.

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