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ANTI-FATIGUE MAT: Do you stand for long periods of time? Whether it’s cooking in the kitchen, serving customers on a cash till, greeting customers at a reception desk or just tinkering in your garage on a project, you’ll benefit from the added comfort and support the DM-MAT2 can give you. With or without shoes, you will feel the difference of being on an insulated cushioned surface instead of a cold flat hard floor.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Using an anti-fatigue mat helps to correct your posture by allowing the feet and legs to be in a naturally comfortable position and by providing support for every movement your feet make. If you stand for a long period of time this mat will help to boost circulation, alleviate muscle fatigue, improve flexibility and lessens the pressure on the lumbar spine and pelvis. Additionally, if you suffer from foot pain like plantar fasciitis this mat will ease the pressure on your heels.
COMPLIMENTS OUR RANGE OF SIT-STAND DESKS: We offer a wide range of accessories to make working more comfortable and physically better for you; for instance, we have sit-stand desks, monitor desk mounts, laptop supports, keyboard trays – all designed to enhance your office-based working experience.
KEEPING YOU MOVING: Any kind of movement is good for you; from intense exercise to the smallest micro movements - it all helps to keep you healthy and supple. By using an anti-fatigue mat like the DM-MAT2, even if you are standing in one spot for long lengths of time, it will encourage your feet and legs to make micro-movements which can make a world of difference to your well-being.
MADE WITH HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This anti-fatigue mat is made from high-density materials, crafted to give you the best possible standing/working experience. The mat has a grilled texture on the reverse to prevent the mat sliding on the floor and finely hashed texture on the top to provide a non-slip but comfortable surface to stand on (with or without shoes). The edges are bevelled to prevent tripping. Size 71cmx43cm / 28x17in.