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work-from-home  vegan butter coffee

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Working from home at the moment? Finding it hard to wake up and switch on in the mornings? Why not try our delicious Vegan Butter Coffee, which not only tastes as good as it looks, but is full of energy-boosting nutrients to keep you on top form for longer. 
Similar to the famous Bulletproof Coffee, this is our take on the newest coffee trend but with a twist - this version is completely vegan and even tastier than the dairy version. So when you need a powerful wake up call, give this coffee a go - you won't regret it!
To make this recipe we used our EK30 kettle, CG250 coffee grinder and the BL505 personal blender. 

A quick and easy morning caffeine fix to help you start the day right 


470ml  strongly brewed coffee (made with freshly ground coffee beans & hot water) 

120ml  almond milk  (or dairy alternative if preferred)

1/2-1  tbsp coconut oil to taste (melted)

1-2  tbsp natural almond butter  (or dairy alternative if preferred)

Prep Time:   5 minutes
Cook Time:  5 minutes
Total Time:  10 minutes  

1 big cup or 2 small cups.



1. Using an electric grinder like our CG250, grind the whole coffee beans down to a fine powder. 
2. Add the ground coffee into a blender (we used our BL505) and pour in around 470ml of hot water.
3. Next, add the almond butter and coconut oil. 
4. Switch on the blender to whizz the coffee up into a deliciously frothy smooth texture. 
5. Decant the mixture into a cafetiere and filter it. 
6. To serve, pour into a mug.   

If you prefer your coffee to be even hotter, re-heat the mixture gently in a pan over the hob or for a few seconds in the microwave. 

What we used to make this coffee drink