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CG250 Coffee Grinder 

If you’re a coffee lover you’ll understand the importance of freshly ground vs. instant coffee. Freshly ground coffee is far superior in every way; in taste, aroma and nutrition. Instant coffee leaves out most of the flavour, nutrients and even it has less caffeine!

Using the CG250 coffee grinder at home allows you to grind up your own coffee freshly from the beans. Simply select your choice of coffee beans, add up to 75g of them to the stainless-steel bowl, put the lid in place and then press the top of the machine to set off the stainless-steel blades grinding them to the right consistency. When they are ground to your liking, you can pour them into a cafetiere or coffee machine to brew and enjoy.

Powerful 250W Motor  

To switch it on, simply place your hand on top of the grinder and press down. The blade will start to rotate to grind and cut all that is in there into small pieces. When you have reached your desired consistency lift your hand up to switch it off.

Please note: to prolong the lifetime of this grinder we recommend allowing the appliance to rest for a short time between each use.

Caters for 7-8 Cups  

The stainless-steel bowl holds 75g and is easily removable from the stand making it convenient to use and clean.

If you're using this grinder mill to make coffee, 75g is enough to cater for 8 cups of coffee. Simply pour into a filter and add hot water.

Easy to Clean and Store  

Nifty cable management space has been included in the bottom of the grinder. So if you find the power cable is too long for you, simply wind it back up inside the base of the grinder. This is also useful to use when storing.

The cup and blade are easy to clean with warm soapy water. It is important to ensure that the bowl and blade are clean and dry before each use.