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up your game

Never before have you had more of an excuse or the time to chill out at home and play video games. Whether you play alone or with family or friends, it's can be a great way to kill boredom and enjoy your time at home. 

With the exciting new release of the PlayStation PS5 game console this week, it’s never been a better time to start thinking about optimising your gaming set up.  From the chair to the screen, think about what could really improve the setup so that you can get the maximum benefits and enjoyment from it.   Whether you use a games console like a PS5 or a gaming PC, we have a wide range of accessories and equipment that can help you build a new and optimised setup. 

Optimise Your Gaming Setup

Monitor arm for PC gamers

A monitor arm of dreams for dedicated gamers, the Duronic DMGM5X1 is a desk mount for your computer screen. The dynamic design of this arm means you can manoeuvre the screen into the position you like, and the fun LED light strips add that extra high-tech touch to your setup. 

Using a projector screen with your gaming setup

A great way to improve your gaming setup is by swapping your television screen for a projector. Using a projector screen like our FFPS100 you'll certainly feel the difference in your gaming experience. With the huge high-definition widescreen, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in another world. 

Storage idea for your games console

A great way to store your games console and accessories is on a portable table. The WPS is ideal for this as it can safely hold up to 10kg of equipment. 
Being on wheels, this table can be moved from room to room if you wish, so it's perfect for those who like to game in different locations around the house. 

Organise your PS5 games console

If you have a lot of gaming accessories like controllers, games, battery packs, cables etc.. you may find a stand riser like our DM051 the perfect solution to helping keep everything neatly store together.