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19th January 2021

Popcorn Day

Freshly popped corn is warm, tastes delicious and fills the house with a nostalgic smell that reminds you of going to the cinema or fairground. It’s simple to prepare, quick to cook and from a modest amount of corn kernels, you can make heaps of popcorn. The best part? Being able to flavour it with anything you want!

However, if you’ve tried making fresh popcorn at home you will know it isn’t always easy to do if you do not have a specialist device. Attempting to microwave corn or cook it in a pan on the stove can lead to unpopped kernels sitting at the bottom and, more often than not, some parts end up getting burnt and ruining the taste of the whole portion.

The secret to making perfect popcorn at home is by using a popcorn maker like our POP50. It uses only hot air to heat and pops the kernels, and because of the way the heat circulates inside the machine it quickly pops every kernel without burning any in the process.

The best part of using the Duronic POP50? Unlike other popcorn cooking methods, this unique popcorn popper machine doesn’t require oil or butter to prevent the corn sticking; the hot air circulation pushes the corn up and out over into the bowl beneath within seconds of being popped and so ensures that no corn gets stuck or burnt.
Because no oils are needed, the outcome is an insanely healthy, low-calorie popcorn snack which is absolutely packed with natural fibre. It is the ultimate guilt-free treat!

Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn


  • 40g popcorn kernels
  • 50g light brown sugar
  • 10g butter
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 tbsp double cream


Popping the Corn

1. Using the measuring scoop, add around 40g of popcorn kernels into the cooking chamber of your POP50 popcorn machine

2. Place the lid on top.

3. Switch on the machine to let the popping commence.
The bowl will quickly fill up with popped corn. Once all of the kernels have been cooked, turn off the machine, remove the lid and then carefully remove the bowl. 

Glazing the Popcorn

1. Put the brown sugar into a small saucepan on a gentle heat and add 2 tbsp of water. Heat until the sugar dissolves into the water.
2. Bring the mixture to the boil, but do not stir at all. 
3. Once the sugar has turned a dark golden caramel colour, add the butter and whisk until fully mixed together. 
4. Remove the pan from the heat and add the double cream while stirring vigorously. 
5. Lastly, add the cinnamon to the mixture and stir in. 
6. Pour the glaze mixture onto your popcorn and give it a toss to make sure it's all coated evenly. 

To serve:
The removable collection bowl of the POP50 doubles up as a serving bowl, so simply remove the bowl from the machine and take it with you to enjoy!

Making your own popcorn with the POP50 

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