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Crepe Maker PM131

At Duronic we are passionate about providing alternative innovative ways of preparing and cooking food to make life easier and simpler for you.

Whether you are a once-a-year on a Shrove Tuesday kind of pancake maker, or a family that enjoys making crepes every weekend, the skill and dedication to getting a perfect flip without creating a mess in the kitchen is often hard to master. Unless you’ve had a lot of practice, achieving a perfectly round pancake with just the right thickness can be difficult in a stove-top pan; quite often uneven heat distribution under the pan can lead to batter pooling in spots and so you end up with a pancake that is thin and crispy in some places and thicker and under-cooked in others.

While the traditional method of pancake making in a pan can be fun, it can be time-consuming and is not practical for busy households, especially when there are lots of mouths to feed! Saving you precious time in your morning, the Duronic PM131 pancake maker cooks so quickly that it will whizz through a whole batch of pancakes in next to no time at all enabling the whole family to sit and eat together at the same time.

In addition to pancakes and crepes, the PM131 is versatile and can cook a variety of different recipes. Being similar to an Indian tawa pan or electric gursaan maker, it can cook a variety of breads and pancakes from all around the world like Russian blini or pönnukaka, Chinese bing, Polish naleśniki, Greek tiganites or Indian chapattis and roti.

Variable Temperature Control 

The PM131 is quick to heat up so you can get started straight away and it has 8 heat settings to choose from depending on how hot you want the plate to be. The higher number you select, the hotter the plate will get and the quicker the pancakes will cook. The light indicator will let you know when the pan has reached your desired temperature so that you can start cooking.

Tip: start cooking on a lower heat setting and work your way up - this way you can get used to the machine and avoid burning your pancakes in the process!

Large 33cm Cooking Surface  

Equipped with a generously sized 33cm hot plate, you will be able to create even pancakes without batter pooling in any place, and thus ensuring that all of it is cooked evenly.

This larger surface is perfect for making large crepes, or for cooking several smaller pancakes at the same time and the lipped edge prevents any batter spilling over from the pan.

Made with a sleek black and silver design, this countertop cooker will suit any kitchen.

Easy to Clean Non-Stick Coating  

The hotplate surface is made with a durable non-stick coating so you do not need any oil or butter to cook perfect pancakes. However, if you prefer you can also use a little oil or butter applied with a pastry brush or a folded piece of kitchen towel.

Cleaning up afterwards really is effortless; simply wipe over the plate with a damp (well-wrung) cloth or sponge. The only real cleaning to be done is the dishes!

As the PM131 is just in one whole piece, it is very easy to move from the countertop to a cupboard to store away when you're finished with it.

Nutritious Filling Breakfasts 

American, scotch or dropped scones; all of these small fluffy pancakes and more can be made on the PM131.

Thanks to the large cooking plate, several small pancakes can be cooked together at the same time, meaning you can work in batches and feed more people simultaneously.

Stack them high or serve one at a time straight from the pan, and serve with fruit, yogurt, butter or lashings of syrup.

Deliciously Satisfying Continental Lunches  

Savoury crepes are becoming more popular as an alternative for those who don't have a sweet tooth or want something a bit different for lunch.

Galettes are popular in France where the batter recipe differs slightly with flour being replaced with buckwheat flour, and filled with savoury fillings like egg, cheese and cured meats. Garnish with some herbs for a lunch worthy of Michelin star restaurant.

Tempting Sweet Treats  

The delicious aroma that escapes the street food crêperie vendor's when they are making sweet crepes is always a temptation as you walk by. Now you can make your own at home, exactly as you like them.

Almost any sweet filling you can think of can be put inside a crepe; Nutella, peanut butter, jam, strawberries, bananas, cream, banoffee, lemon... the choices are endless. Once your crepe is filled, fold over, sprinkle with icing sugar and tuck in!