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1st june - world milk day

eggnog smoothie

Dairy-lovers everywhere rejoice - today was made for you! For one day only you have a "legitimate" reason to indulge in all the cheese, chocolate, yoghurt, ice cream your heart desires . 
Global Milk Day was first observed 19 years ago as a way of recognising and celebrating the international dairy industry.  Over six billion people in the world consume milk and dairy, so it plays a very important and integral part of our lives in more ways then we can imagine.  

To celebrate World Milk Day on 1st June, we decided to focus on the art of yoghurt making. Once you discover how easy it is to make yoghurt at home, you'll wonder why you've been buying it from a shop all this time! As with most homemade foods, it is better for your body, your purse and the environment too.

We have two yoghurt maker machines, the YM1 and YM2, which are essentially the same machine but with different pots inside. If you prefer to have yoghurts in individual portion-sized pots, the YM2 is the model for you. Alternatively, if you want to make one large pot of yoghurt that can be spooned out as and when you need some, the YM1 is the machine you'll need.
And to keep things super convenient, we also sell the spare pots, so you can buy an extra set and interchange them with whichever model you have. Clever huh?!

It's super easy to make your own yoghurt from scratch, you just need milk and a sachet of starter culture (or a small amount of bio-active yoghurt from the shop) to get started, so why not give it a go? Check out our demo videos for both the YM1 and YM2 yoghurt makers to see them in action... 

YM1  Yoghurt Maker

YM2  Yoghurt Maker

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