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ONE LARGE YOGHURT POT: If you have one of our yoghurt makers you will already have some pots to make yoghurt in, however you may decide you need extra pots to make batches in one go, or perhaps you have lost or broken some. This pack of 1 pot fits easily into both YM1 or YM2 machines, enabling you to make a whole batch of the same flavour yoghurt in one go.FOR BATCH COOKING: This pot has a capacity of 1.5 litres, which is perfect for making a larger batch of fresh yoghurt. Yoghurt can be stored in this airtight jar or decanted into smaller pots before placing in the fridge. We also sell a set of 8 individual sized pots (125ml each) which is called P8YM2 which is ideal for making individual portion sized yoghurt in one go. KEEPS YOGHURT FRESH: This large jar is made of ceramic and has an air-tight lid which is easy to remove and will keep the yogurt inside fresh for several days. It also has a vent hole on the top for use during cooking should you need it.COMPATIBILITY: This pot can be used in both the Duronic YM1 and the YM2 yoghurt making machines.