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eggnog smoothie

The Day of the Crêpe, otherwise known as Jour des Crêpes or La Chandeleur, falls on the 2nd February every year. A special day celebrated in France to commemorate Candlemas, it is tradition that on this day families get together to cook crêpes and enjoy them together.
A favoured custom in french households is to hold a coin in your hand while cooking and flipping your crêpe; if you manage to catch the crêpe in the pan without dropping the coin it means you will have good fortune for the rest of the year. 
Steeped in tradition, pancake making is also done later in the month to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Mardi Gras or Carnival, which falls on 25th February this year. Both celebratory dates were intended to allow at least one last proper indulgence before the start of Lent.

Beliefs and traditions aside, crêpes and pancakes are enjoyed all across the world and if these special occasions weren’t a good enough reason to get making some pancake batter, then why not make some on your day off to enjoy for breakfast or make a bunch to tuck into for lunch with friends.

PREP: 5 MINS for the batter       COOK: 2 MINS per pancake

Green Smoothie


🥄 2 large eggs  (free-range)
🥄 100g plain flour 
🥄 300ml semi skimmed milk (or 250ml whole milk &                    50ml water 
🥄 1 tbsp sunflower oil (or vegetable oil)
🥄 pinch of salt 

To serve:
top your crepes with any topping you fancy. Why not try traditional lemon and sugar, chocolate spread and banana or even strawberries and cream. 


Making the Batter
1. Crack the eggs into the mixing bowl.
2. One by one, add the flour, milk, water, sunflower oil.
3. Add a pinch of salt.
4. Mix until the ingredients come together and create a smooth mixture 
5. Leave to stand for around 30 minutes

Cooking the Crepes
1. Switch on your crepe making machine. If you don't have one, you can of course make crepes in a flat frying pan instead.
2. Using the ladle, take one scoop of the batter mixture and pour onto the hot plate. 
3. Using the T-shaped tool, quickly (but gently) move the mixture around in circular motions to ensure the mixture is spread widely around the pan and to an even consistency all over. 
4. Allow to cook for around 1 minute, then use the spatula to lift the pancake and gently flip over onto its other side. This side will cook quicker, so just allow 30 seconds.

To serve:
Serve onto a plate one at a time, or pile them high for a real feast! Top your crepes with absolutely anything you fancy, sweet or savoury. 

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So easy to use, the SM3 Stand Mixer saves your hands from getting tired with whisking, beating and mixing. Simply add your ingredients and switch on to mix it all together to bring your ingredients together. 

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Using our PM131 crepe maker makes cooking fast and easy so you can cater for many people in one sitting. Unlike cooking pancakes the traditional way in a frying pan, with this cooking plate you do not have to flip the whole pan to turn over your pancake. Instead you have some handy tools which assist in flipping and serving those delicious delights.

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