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Short Product Description

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN: Experience superior cooling with this standing fan featuring 5 aerodynamic blades. Unlike standard electric fans, our pedestal fan maximises airflow efficiency for quick relief from the heat.

POWERFUL 60W MOTOR: This electric fan boasts a robust 60W motor, ensuring rapid air circulation. Compared to other pedestal fans, its high-powered motor delivers unparalleled performance, making it a standout choice for optimal cooling.

3 SPEED SETTINGS: Tailor airflow to your liking with three adjustable speed settings on this electric fan. Whether you need gentle ventilation or a powerful breeze, this standing fan provides complete control, ideal for home or office use.

STURDY BASE: Rest easy knowing this standing fan stands securely on its weighted round base, preventing tipping over. Perfect for households with children or pets, this pedestal fan offers reliable cooling without compromising safety.

EASY TO USE: This electric fan features intuitive controls for effortless operation. Simply select your desired speed and enjoy instant relief from the heat. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free cooling whenever you need it most.

EASY TO STORE: When not in use, this pedestal fan conveniently stores away in closets or sheds. Its compact design makes it ideal for smaller living spaces, ensuring you can easily retrieve it when the warmer months return.

TILT-ADJUSTABLE HEAD: Customise airflow direction with this pedestal fan's tilting head feature. Whether you prefer a direct breeze or a diffused airflow, our standing fan ensures maximum comfort and efficiency.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Built to last, this electric fan is crafted from high-quality materials. Its durable construction ensures years of dependable performance, providing cooling comfort season after season. Invest in our standing fan for reliable relief from the heat.

SPECIFICATIONS: Height adjustable pole extends from 110-128cm. 3 speed settings. Fan head size: 16". Material: metal and plastic. Colour: white. Safety features: mesh grill and weighted base. Power: 60W. Plug type: BS Standard 3-pin plug








Enhanced Description

Duronic Pedestal Fan FN30

Adjustable Floor Standing Fan

The Duronic FN30 pedestal fan is the perfect solution to tackle the heat in offices or poorly ventilated rooms in the summer. With summer's arrival, indoor temperatures often surpass outdoor ones, leaving individuals feeling overheated and uncomfortable. This discomfort can hamper productivity at work and disrupt peaceful sleep at home.

An electric fan is indispensable for any household or workplace. With just the press of a button, it delivers instant and consistent cooling relief, transforming stifling summer days into pleasant experiences.

Our Duronic FN30 standing fan, boasting a contemporary white design, is perfect for both professional settings and home environments. With just four buttons for operation, it's incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to select from various wind speeds. Its versatility in wind speed adjustment makes it suitable for cooling both spacious and compact rooms efficiently.

Featuring adjustable height, angle, and oscillation, this fan offers customisable comfort. Its telescopic pole can be effortlessly extended to reach heights between 110-128cm, ensuring optimal air circulation. Crafted from durable materials and supported by a sturdy weighted base, you can trust its stability and safety.

Be prepared in advance for the summer with this Duronic FN30 Oscillating fan.

FN30 Oscillating Fan Features

Floor Standing Fan with Rotating Action

Experience enhanced air distribution with the pedestal fan's rotating head, which oscillates from left to right, covering a wider area. This oscillating fan can also be locked into a fixed position to channel airflow precisely.

Pedestal Fan with Sturdy Base

This standing fan is built with high quality materials and is held steadily on a strong weighted base. The robust build of this pedestal fan ensures security and prevents any risk of tipping over.

Oscillating Fan with Adjustable Tilting Head

Enjoy flexibility with this floor standing fan and it's fully adjustable head. The tilting feature of this pedestal fan allows you to find the ideal position to ensure long-lasting comfort.

Extendable Pole on Adjustable Fan

Tailor the oscillating fan's height to your preference with its extendable telescopic pole. The adjustable fan can be heightened or lowered between 110-128cm.

3 Modes to Choose From 

Control the pedestal fan's speed effortlessly with numbered buttons on the front panel. Each increment boosts the oscillating fan's speed and cooling power, with '0' turning the pedestal fan off.

Pedestal fan with 5-Blades

The oscillating fan's aerodynamic blades are encased behind a protective mesh grill, ensuring safety for children and pets alike.