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Rechargeable LED Torch RFL903C

The RFL903C is a large flashlight that can be used every day at home or work or even just kept for emergencies. It has a versatile and sturdy design which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Whether you are nipping up the garden shed at night time, are venturing up into the loft for a clear-out, or if you're going for a camping trip, the RFL903C torch is a resilient and sturdy torch that is suited for every eventuality.
Great for everyday use, the torch can be kept in a car boot in case of the eventuality of a breakdown, or kept in a kitchen drawer in case of an electrical blackout.

3 light modes: full beam, half beam, flashing SOS beam

3 Light Modes

Press the power button once for the main brighter full beam, soft-press a second time for the dimmer eco mode, and soft-press a third time for the flashing SOS mode.

hand holding a torch smashing into a glass window pane

Striking Bezel Head

For emergency situations, the head of this flashlight is shaped with a crowned bezel edge ideal for striking in self-defence or for breaking glass. In addition to this, the ultra-strong head protects the torch lamp from knocks and falls.

twist the head of the torch to focus the beam or make it wider

Adjustable Beam

Twisting the golden ring on the torch head clockwise or anti-clockwise will increase or decrease the width and brightness of the beam of light. This is ideal if you want to focus on something at a distance from you.

black umbrella with rain pouring down onto it

Water-Resistant Design

The weatherproof, water-resistant aluminium body makes the RFL903C flashlight suitable for both indoors and outdoor conditions.

dimensions image showing the size of the flashlight. 29.6cm x 4.7cm. 11.7in x 1.9in.

Organise Your Wiring

Made of durable aerospace-grade aluminium, this torch is drop resistant.

It is 29.6cm x 4.7cm / 11.7 x 1.9in in size and weights 560g.

800 lumens, 230 metre range and it has an LED bulb

Long Range Beam

The high quality CREE LED bulb provides up to 800 lumens and can illuminate up to 230 metres away from you. The expected service life of the LED bulb is up to 100,000 hours.

charging port with cable, comes with 3 different plug adapters for US, UK and EU

3 Plug Adapters Included

The charging cable comes with 3 plug adapters so that it can be charged in Europe (EU), the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK).
When you have finished charging, simply rotate the O-ring to cover up and protect the charging port.

rechargeable battery shown, torch can take 3x C batteries. Battery life is 5-6 hours

5-6 Hours of Power

Recharging the torch is very easy to do; simply plug the accompanying charging cable into the torch, connect to a mains socket and leave to recharge. A full charge will give you 5-6 hours of battery life. Comes with 1x 4000mAh rechargeable battery, which can later be replaced by 3xC batteries if needed.

torch is being shone into a livingroom lighting up the room

Emergency Use

camping tent in an outdoor natural area with trees, tent is glowing from inside

Camping & Outdoor Pursuits

man at work under a sink shining a torch onto the spot he is working on

Use Everyday at Work

range of duronic torches shown: RFL903D, RFL903C and RFL902AA