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POCKET-SIZED HANDHELD TORCH: The RFL901AA is a small flashlight that can be used every day at home or work, or even just kept for emergencies. Take along with you on dog walks, hikes, camping or even just down to the garden shed at night. It is lightweight, yet strong and sturdy to hold as well as having horizontal knurling on the handle for a better grip. Use the dual-mode electronic switch to change between full beam and eco mode.

RECHARGEABLE WHEREVER YOU ARE: Fitted with 1x rechargeable AA battery. Recharging the torch is very easy to do; simply plug the accompanying charging cable into the torch, connect to a mains socket and leave to recharge. The charging cable comes with 3 plug adapters so that it can be charged in Europe (EU), the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK). When you have finished charging, simply rotate the O-ring to cover up and protect the charging port.

EASY ONE-TOUCH OPERATION: Keeping things simple, the one power button on the handle is all you need to change between the torch’s different modes. Press once for the main full beam, and twice for the dimmer eco mode. To focus the beam, simply turn the gold band around the head.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: When using the high-power mode, the battery will last for up to 2.5 hours. Using the lower eco mode, the battery will last up to 5 hours. This 1-cell torch has an energy-efficient CREE LED bulb (made in the USA) which gives the user 100,000 hours of life.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Made of aerospace-grade anodised aluminium. Size: 15 x 2.2cm. Lumens: 110. Beam range: 100m. Adjustable beam. Water-resistant. CREE bulb. 2200mAh battery. Comes with a charging adapter with face-plates for the USA, Europe and the UK.