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CAT6a Ethernet Cables

CAT6a cables can be referenced in many ways: Ethernet cable, crossover cable, LAN cable, network cable, RJ45 cable or patch cable. The majority of customers simply purchase this cable to connect it from the PC, television or game console to the router / modem / switch and get a powerful and stable connection.
Duronic cables have been designed in the UK to meet the high demands of customers and achieving maximum bandwidth speed of 500MHz.
These cables are very different from the standard UTP cables that are available at very low prices. A UTP cable is composed of 8 shielded once.
Duronic FTP cables include 8 shielded cables, separated and twisted in 4 pairs, providing double shielding. This is intended to strengthen the cables and increase their transmission quality by avoiding any risk of interference between each cable. This particular structure highly improves signal quality and connection stability for optimal performance.
CAT6a Ethernet cables are ideal for devices that support 10 Gigabit bandwidth to ensure that the entire connection band is used in the emplacements without interference. Otherwise, it is advisable to opt for a Category 7 network cable.

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