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MOUNTING SOLUTION FOR YOUR MONITOR: The DM55W wall mount set allows you to install your computer monitor onto a vertical wall.

FREE UP DESK SPACE: If you have a small desk or require the maximum amount of desk space possible, you'll appreciate a monitor that is mounted up off of the desk surface completely. By mounting it onto a wall you'll create extra space to work on and your workstation will look tidier.

COMPATABILITY: This wall bracket can be used to fix an arm from the DM45 DM55 or DM65 ranges up onto the wall. In particular, this bracket is compatible with DM451 DM452 DM453 DM454 DM551X1 DM551X2 DM552 DM553 DM554 DM55W1X1 DM55W1X2 DM651X1 DM651X1 DM652 DM653 DM65L1X1 DM65W1X1 DM65W1X2.

SOLID CONSTRUCTION, BUILT TO LAST: The DM55 wall mount is made from strong robust steel which will hold a Duronic desk mount arm and computer screen securely in place. With an arm added to the bracket, you can articulate the installed screen to your desired position. Alternatively, you can add a VESA mount (sold separately) and have the screen installed almost flat against the wall.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: black. Made of steel. Recommended screen size: 15"-27". Recommended screen weight: 8kg.