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MAKE DELICIOUS BREAKFASTS AND DESSERTS: Whether you want to keep your breakfast healthy or if you want to go all-in with the indulgent toppings, with the Duronic WM32 waffle maker you can make homemade waffles just the way you like them. Sweet, savoury, plain, topped with fruit and cream, syrup, sauce, chocolate, ice cream or even cheese and herbs. The choices are endless!
COOK HEALTHY OIL-FREE WAFFLES: Make this indulgent meal a whole lot healthier by cooking them without oil! The twin cooking plates can make thick deep-fill tasty waffles in next to no time at all. They have a special non-stick coating which allows you to remove the cooked waffles neatly without anything getting stuck to the plates. The hotplates heat up quickly and cook the waffle batter evenly and perfectly producing delicious golden waffles every time.
2-IN-1 DESIGN: It couldn’t be easier to cater for the individual tastes and preferences of the whole family. This versatile snack maker can not only make waffles but can grill/toast sandwiches, tea cakes, eggs, meats and much more. Simply swap the cooking plates to the flat grill plates and you can toast or grill many different things.
DETACHABLE PLATES FOR EASY CLEANING: For ultimate convenience this snack maker has removable plates! This means cleaning up after cooking is a cinch and takes next to no time at all. Gone are the days where you're sponging down the fixed plates in the machine trying in vain to clean whilst not getting the machine wet. Now you can clean without any worry. With just a few clicks, you can remove the plates from the WM32 and take them to the sink to hand wash. You can thank us later!
SPECIFICATIONS: Comes with 4x removable cooking plates (2x waffle plates and 2x grill plates). Non-slip feet. ‘Ready’ indication Light. Hidden cable storage on the base. Power: 650W. Colour: black. Size: 75cm/29.5in. Cable length: 73cm/29in. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug.