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Short Product Description

This is an ACCESSORY ONLY. This accessory is compatible for the Duronic hand blender HB35B SOLD SEPERATELY. This accessory product DOES NOT come with the hand blender.

LARGE CAPACITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing at just 500g, the HBS35 spiraliser is perfect for those who want to increase the veggie intake in a more fun way. The lightweight feature of the spiraliser means that it is portable and can be taken to other places and used when making salads or when making veggie pasta. Its large 1.4L capacity accommodates large amounts of spiralised vegetables and ingredients.


COMPACT - The Duronic vegetable noodle maker boasts a streamlined and compact design, making it an ideal choice for smaller kitchens. Its compact form not only addresses the constraints of limited kitchen spaces but also simplifies the setup, usage, and dismantling processes. With straightforward and user-friendly features, indulge in wholesome dishes without the necessity for bulky appliances.


VERSATILE - The HBS35 spiralizer offers versatility in preparing vegetables, allowing for various sizes from strands to ribbons, enhancing texture in salads or as a pasta alternative. Its flexibility extends to crafting a diverse range of meals, including pasta, salads, and curly fries. Equipped with a vegetable spike holder, this spiralizer ensures the stability of the vegetable being spiralized, allowing consistent and reliable results with every use.


3 BLADE SIZES - With the HBS35 Spiralizer, you receive three different-sized cones, with blades of different sizes providing the flexibility to choose the size, shape, and texture that best suits your preferences. These varied sizes enable the creation of delicate strands to more substantial ribbons, making it an ideal tool for crafting salads or complementing your main dishes.


SPECIFICATIONS - The Duronic Spiraliser HBS35 features a 1400ml (1.4L) capacity that can efficiently process large vegetable quantities. Its lightweight and compact design boost usability and portability, catering to those with smaller kitchens and anyone aiming to enhance their vegetable intake.







Enhanced Description

Duronic Vegetable Spiralizer HBS35

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Introducing the HBS35 Vegetable Spiralizer. Transform vegetables into ribbons for salads, stir-fries, or pasta alternatives like zucchini noodles. With three cone sizes adjust your spirals to your desires. Cleanup is a breeze, and its lightweight, compact design ensures effortless storage.

Duronic Electric Spiralizer HBS35

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This HBS35 spiralizer transforms vegetables into versatile ribbons, perfect for salads, stir-fries, and pasta alternatives. Create zucchini noodles, carrot ribbons, or sweet potato spirals for healthy, colourful meals. Its ease of use and variety of dishes make it a kitchen essential for everyone.

Adjust the Size of the Vegetable Spirals with the Electric Vegetable Spiralizer

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Secure Vegetables in Place

The hand blender's motor features a handy 'pin' that securely grips vegetables during spiralizing, ensuring stable and efficient processing.

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Spiralizer Cone Size 1

This vegetable spiralizer cone size 1 creates generous, larger-sized ribbons, ideal for hearty vegetable dishes or adding a rustic touch to salads.

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Spiralizer Cone Size 2

The spiralizer cone size 2 produces medium-sized ribbons, perfect for a variety of dishes, striking a balance between texture and versatility.

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Spiralizer Cone Size 3

The spiralizer cone size 3 creates delicate ribbons, perfect noodle replacements for healthier, lighter, textured dishes.

Features of the Vegetable Spiralizer


Spiralizer Locks into Position

The spiralizer attachment securely locks into the HB35B hand blender motor with a twist.

HB35B Hand Blender Motor is sold separately.


Easy to Clean Spiralizer

Cleaning the spiralizer attachment parts is effortless, ensuring convenience and maintaining hygiene for hassle-free vegetable preparation.


Convenient Spiralizer Storage

The spiralizer attachment parts are compact for simple storage, saving space and keeping your kitchen organised effortlessly.


Lightweight Spiralizer

The spiralizer attachment's 500g lightweight design, enhances usability, making it easy to handle and store for efficient meal preparation.