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ACCESSORY PACK FOR VC7: This set of attachments is a specially designed add-on bundle for Duronic VC7 upright stick vacuum cleaners.


GET A DEEPER CLEAN: The hose with brush attachment included in this bundle is ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach places like the back of the sofa, behind a piece of furniture or inside enclosed spaces like drawers. The second tool included is a turbo brush attachment which is useful for those who have carpeted floors as the brush head rotates and collects dirt and dust quicker and easier.  


WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE? This set consists of two attachments: a turbo brush and a hosed brush. They can compliment your vacuum cleaner or replace parts if needed.


PLEASE NOTE: Please bear in mind that our red VC7 model already comes with a hosepipe attachment and turbo brush. However, our black VC7 model only comes with a turbo brush; it does not come with the hosed brush.


SPECIFICATIONS: The hosepipe attachment is approximately 20cm in length and has a brushed head which can clean hard to reach spots. Material: plastic. Colour: black. Pack includes: turbo brush and hosepipe attachments.