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CREATE A TIDY AND SAFE WORKSPACE: A cable tray is an ideal solution for managing messy under-desk wires and cables. By passing cables through the CMH1 wire rack, cables and power adapters are kept stored tidily in one place. In addition, the rack provides protection for cables and wires that have to run from the desktop to the floor, ensuring there is less chance of the user’s feet getting caught under the desk or any longer wires hanging out unsafely.
HIDDEN UNDER DESK STORAGE: The Duronic CMH1 is an open wire design with a folded shelf shape that discreetly holds cables and extension leads up underneath the desktop surface so that they are out of sight and tucked neatly away.
OPEN WIRE DESIGN: This cable storage shelf has an open wire mesh design that allows for good air ventilation to ensure plugs do not get overheated. In addition to this, it also offers good visibility and accessibility for anyone who needs to access the cables or plugs at any time.
EASY TO INSTALL: This cable management tray is easy to mount on the underside of your desk. Using the screws provided, you simply screw the rack into place.
SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: black. Material: steel. Maximum weight capacity: 5kg/11lbs. Size: 43x15x11cm / 17x6x4.3in. Universal design.