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SUITABLE FOR 37-70 INCH SCREENS: This large sized bracket will hold any screens sized between 37 inches and 70 inches, 37" , 40" , 43" , 50" , 55" , 60" , 65" and 70" . The maximum weight capacity is 68kg (150lbs). While this screen mount is universal and should fit 99% of television screens meeting the size and weight requirements, we do still encourage you to check the VESA mounting holes before you order the stand to ensure it will fit your television properly

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED TV STAND: Uniquely designed to stand out but also fit right in, the chrome frame and glass shelf create a sense of modern simplicity that will suit any home. Thoughtfully designed, the TVS3F1 has an inbuilt spirit level to make setting it up as easy as possible. To ensure your TV set-up is kept tidy, this bracket has large squares cut on the back plate for enable easy cable management

VERSATILE VESA BRACKET: The universal TVS3F1 stand will fit most television screens. The compatibility relies primarily on the size of the holes on the back of the TV, the VESA mount on the stand will fit screens that have VESA 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, & VESA 600x400 mounting holes. To check if your TV will fit, simply measure the horizontal distance in mm between the holes at the back of your TV. If they match the measurements above, your TV will fit

SUPER STRONG AND RESILIENT: This Duronic TV mount is made of steel with a chrome finish, making it robust and at the same time pleasant to look at. This stand also has a safety locking screw which enables you to lock the position of the television in place, preventing it slipping out of position. The black media shelf is made from tempered glass which provides a strong secure place to hold your DVD player, PS4, Xbox, Sky or Virgin Top Box

SPECIFICATIONS: The TVS3F1 will hold one TV that is between 37" -70" . VESA capability is up to 600x400mm. Height of stand: 125cm. Max weight capacity: 68kg. Made from cold-rolled steel, chrome and tempered glass. This stand comes with all the fixings needed for up to 99% of TV's. Additional tools needed: a Phillips screwdriver and a second pair of hands to help get the TV up onto the stand