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Wall Mounted TV Bracket TVB121M

Mounting your screen onto a wall will elevate it to a better position and at the same time will free up space from the area below. It is particularly a great space saver for smaller rooms that cannot accommodate a television on top of a table or desk, or for areas where you want the screen to be easily viewed from around the room.

The Duronic TVB103M wall-mounted television bracket is compatible with a wide range of LED, LCD, plasma, QLED, OLED flat-screen TVs. Made of durable electrostatically finished steel, it provides reliable heavy-duty support for your screen so you can rest assured that no matter what happens, it will be held securely and level at all times.

The TVB103M is easy to install; all you will need is a drill, a long screwdriver and a second pair of hands to help get the TV up onto the wall. The kit comes with a spirit level to help you align the bracket correctly so that it is straight on the wall.

The kit comes with all the screws and fixings needed for most models of TV’s, however, there may be some newer models that require different size screws that are not included in the fixings kit. Scroll down to find out which screws are included in the kit...

How to Check if This Mount is Suitable for Your Screen

This mount is suitable for screens sized between 33" and 65".

The maximum weight capacity for this bracket is 50kg/110lbs.

This mount is is compatible with TVs that have VESA mounting holes that are: 200x200, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm.

To check if your TV is compatible; simply measure the horizontal distance in mm between the holes at the back of your TV. If they are the same as the measurements above, it means your TV will fit. This bracket can fit up to 600x44mm VESA mounting holes.

Overall Dimensions

The TVB103M is easy to install using the fixings provided and the spirit level helps you to keep the bracket straight on the wall.
The overall dimensions are 65x43.8cm / 25.6x17.2in. The wall plate is 65x18cm / 25.6x7.1in.

VESA Sizes Compatible

It is compatible with TVs that have VESA mounting holes that are:

200x200mm      400x200mm
400x400mm      600x400mm

Adjustable Tilting Feature

It has a tilt capability of -12°/+6° which enables you to adjust the screen to the angle to suit your needs.
If the screen is not tilted, the space between the back of the TV and the wall is 8cm/3.1in.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Made with cold rolled steel this bracket is heavy-duty and will support your television securely.

The maximum weight flat screen television this bracket can hold is 65kg/143lb.

Is Your Screen is Compatible?

This medium sized bracket will hold any screens sized between 33 inches and 65 inches.

Universal Fixings

This bracket comes with all the screws and fixings needed for up to 99% of TV’s.
This kit includes M5x12, M5x15, M8x15, M5x30, M6x30 & M5x30

Easy to Install

An easy-to-follow user guide is provided which will show you step by step how to install the screen onto the bracket.

Lockable Design

Pull the green cord, mount the screen onto the bracket, the green cords will release and the screen will lock into place.