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The Duronic VC8TB is a turbo brush accessory for the VC8 stick vacuum cleaner. This is a recommended attachment for your VC8 vacuum cleaner. It easily fits in without the need of any further tools.Add extra cleaning power - which will help pick up more dust from you carpet, tile floor, wooden floor in your home or kitchen.The turbo brush uses the suction power from the vacuum cleaner to spin the built in brush really fast so you use suction from the vacuum cleaner as well as a spinning brush to clean your rooms a lot quicker and more affectively.The Turbo brush has 2 removable plastic parts to allow you to inspect the brush and airflow and remove any dirt that may be restricting its performance.2 large wheel and 2 small rollers at the front will help you glide through carpet and hard floors easily. It also allows for the vacuum to stand up straight when not in use which is great for storage