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ULTIMATE TRAVEL COMPANION: The Duronic SI2 mini travel iron is your go-to gadget for impeccable clothes on the go. Ultra-compact and lightweight, this travel iron is designed for easy packing in your luggage or cabin baggage. Ideal for holidaymakers and business travelers alike, this portable iron ensures your clothes remain crease-free, whether you're on a plane to Paris or a train to Tokyo. A must-have accessory for every travel bag.

QUICK AND POWERFUL IRONING: With a rapid heat-up time and efficient 375W power, the SI2 steam iron ensures your clothes are pressed to perfection in minutes. Its steam burst function tackles tough wrinkles, making ironing smooth and effortless. This small iron is perfect for last-minute touch-ups, ensuring you look polished at all times, whether attending a business meeting or exploring a new city.

VERSATILE FOR ALL YOUR IRONING NEEDS: From delicate fabrics to sturdy garments, the SI2 travel iron is equipped with variable heat settings, making it safe and effective for all types of clothing. Its sleek design and easy-glide soleplate make it ideal for ironing everything from shirts and trousers to delicate sewing and quilting projects. The red indicator light on the front of the travel iron lets you know when the steam iron is at the optimal temperature. A versatile tool for your craft room or while on holiday.

ERGONOMIC AND AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: Designed with comfort and usability in mind, the Duronic SI2 steam iron features an ergonomic handle and a centrally located power cable, making it suitable for both left and right-handed users. Its lightweight design ensures ease of use, reducing wrist strain during extended ironing sessions. This travel iron is perfect for travelers and crafters who value comfort and efficiency.

SAFE AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT: The SI2 portable iron comes with an auto-shutoff feature, enhancing safety and energy efficiency. Whether you're ironing in a hotel room or at home, you can trust this travel iron to provide peace of mind with its safety features. Its energy-efficient operation means you can keep your clothes looking their best without the high energy costs, making it a prime choice for eco-conscious users.

DUAL VOLTAGE FOR WORLDWIDE USE: Equipped with dual voltage capability, the SI2 travel iron adapts to different power supplies around the world, making it your perfect travel companion. Whether you're in a motorhome or staying abroad, this compact and portable steam iron ensures you can always have neatly pressed clothes, no matter where your adventures take you.

PRECISE CONTROL FOR CRAFTING AND QUILTING: The Duronic SI2 is not just for clothes; its precise control and adjustable heat settings make it ideal for crafting, quilting, and appliqué. Whether you're working on fuse beads, patchwork, or delicate fabric crafts, this mini iron ensures perfect results every time, making it a valuable addition to any craft room.

COMPACT SIZE FOR EASY STORAGE: Measuring just 13cm in length, the SI2 travel iron is designed for convenience and portability. It comes with its own travel pouch, fitting neatly into any suitcase or travel bag, leaving ample space for your other essentials. This lightweight iron is the perfect solution for keeping your clothes and crafts in pristine condition, without sacrificing luggage space.
BUILT FOR DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY: Our commitment to quality means the SI2 travel iron is built to last. Its robust design and reliable performance ensure it can handle the demands of travel and frequent use, making this steam iron a trustworthy companion for all your ironing needs, from pressing clothes for a business trip to crafting in your spare time.
SPECIFICIATIONS: Weight: 495g. Water tank capacity: 50ml. Travel iron soleplate size: 7.3cm squared. Temperature range: 65-230°c. Power: 375W. UK plug fitted.