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Short Product Description

COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT IRON FOR TRAVEL: Take this nifty iron with you on holiday or trips away; as it only measures 12.5cm long, this steam iron will fit into the tightest space in a suitcase or bag. It is light-weight and compact, so no matter where you are in the world, you would never have to be without perfectly pressed clothes. The SI3 comes with its own travel pouch for easy storage and transportation.

UNIQUE LEAF-SHAPED SOLEPLATE: The SI3 travel iron is different from many on the market because of its leaf-shaped soleplate. This double-ended point shape enables you to easily push the iron back and forth into tight spaces or corners on your clothing. The ergonomic handle fits into the palm of the hand so is easy to control and manoeuvre, making a mundane chore into a pleasurable and therapeutic task.

HEAT AND STEAM SETTINGS: Efficiently powered by 400W, this iron will take just seconds to heat up fully and is ready to use almost immediately. It features a variable heat setting which can be changed by turning the dial on the top of the iron. It also has a steam function which is also activated by the control dial. A red indicator light on the front of the iron lets you know when the irons at the optimum temperature.

ALTERNATIVE USES: Due to its petite size, sleek shape and easy-glide sole plate, this travel iron is perfect for using on small delicate items. It will make a great addition for your craft room for quilting, appliqué, sewing, patchwork, ragdoll making and even for flower pressing – the projects you can work on with this iron are endless. It could even be used for iron-on labels and badges, as well as ironing tiny baby clothes as it will reach all those tiny hard to reach areas effortlessly.

SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 495g. Water tank capacity: 35ml. Soleplate size: 12.5x7.4cm. Temperature range: 65-230°c. Power: 400W. UK plug fitted.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Travel Iron SI3 Red

Logo Web copy.jpg__PID:cb741a3f-2e04-4347-ab92-2041117bd3ae

Compact yet powerful, this mini travel iron is lightweight (0.6kg), has a 35ml capacity and includes a portable carry bag. It’s compact size, adjustable temperature and dual voltage (230V/110V) enable versatile usage on different fabrics anywhere. This mini iron is a must have when travelling.

Duronic Mini Steam Iron SI3 Red Features

Steam Web copy.jpg__PID:1a3f2e04-6347-4b92-a041-117bd3ae4466

Mini Travel Iron with Powerful Steam

This mini travel iron has a 35ml capacity and steam functionality. It is compact yet powerful and ensures efficient wrinkle removal, making it an essential travel companion.

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Lightweight Travel Iron with Travel Bag

This 0.6kg mini travel iron is lightweight and compact. The travel iron comes complete with a portable bag. It's the ultimate travel essential for wrinkle-free attire wherever you go.

Brush Web copy.jpg__PID:45cb741a-3f2e-4463-87ab-922041117bd3

Mini Travel Iron with Dual Voltage

With dual voltage (230V/110V), this mini travel iron ensures versatility, catering to global usage. Seamlessly switch between power settings for wrinkle-free clothes wherever your travels take you.

Compact yet powerful, this mini travel iron boasts a 35ml capacity and steam functionality for efficient wrinkle removal. Weighing just 0.6kg, it includes a portable bag for easy travel. With dual voltage (230V/110V), it's versatile for global use, ensuring crease-free garments wherever you go.

Temperature Settings on this Portable Travel Iron

Temperature Dial copy.jpg__PID:92204111-7bd3-4e44-a630-145c40917608

Adjustable Temperature knob

Adjustable temperature (65-230°C) on this mini travel iron offers precise control for various fabrics, ensuring perfect results every time.

Low Temp.jpg__PID:47ab9220-4111-4bd3-ae44-6630145c4091

Low temperature Iron Setting

The low-temperature iron setting (<110°C) on this mini travel iron safeguards delicate fabrics like nylon, offering gentle, effective wrinkle removal.

Mid Temp.jpg__PID:ab922041-117b-43ae-8466-30145c409176

Mid temperature Iron Setting

The mid-temperature iron setting (<150°C) on this mini travel iron is ideal for silk and wool, ensuring safe and effective garment care on the go.

High Temp.jpg__PID:6347ab92-2041-417b-93ae-446630145c40

High temperature Iron Setting

With a 230°C high-temperature iron setting, this mini travel iron is perfect for linen and cotton garments allowing professional results every time.

Powerful 400W Mini Travel Iron

Power Web copy.jpg__PID:741a3f2e-0463-47ab-9220-41117bd3ae44

At 400W, this mini travel iron efficiently tackles wrinkles, ensuring your clothes look clean and neat. The LED light indicator on this steam iron provides a clear signal when it's powered, enhancing usability and safety, making it an indispensable addition to your travel essentials.

The Duronic Mini Travel Iron Has Many Uses...

Uses Quilting.jpg__PID:117bd3ae-4466-4014-9c40-9176087b088c


This mini travel iron is perfect for quilting, offering precision for seam pressing and small fabric pieces, ensuring neat and tidy quilt blocks.

Uses Applique.jpg__PID:2041117b-d3ae-4466-b014-5c409176087b


This mini travel iron provides precise heat control for appliqué, ensuring secure bonding of fabric shapes onto the base material with ease.

Uses Hama.jpg__PID:41117bd3-ae44-4630-945c-409176087b08

Fusible Beads

This mini travel iron ensures even heat distribution for fusing beads onto surfaces, creating intricate designs with precision and ease.

Uses Travel.jpg__PID:046347ab-9220-4111-bbd3-ae446630145c

Fusible Beads

Compact and lightweight, this mini iron easily fits in luggage for wrinkle-free clothes on the go, ensuring polished looks wherever you travel.