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Short Product Description

ERGONOMIC HAND MIXER WITH STAND – This hand mixer and stand mixer has been engineered to be as light as possible, as well as being ergonomically designed so every user can get the most out of this food mixer. This stand mixer for baking will allow you to interchange between a hand mixer and a stand mixer in seconds allowing you to mix cake batters, cookie doughs or pastry fillings with ease.

STAND MIXER ACCESSORIES FOR BAKING - The Duronic hand mixer with stand comes with an array of tools to make baking a cake easier. All the mixer parts can be easily attached into place and with the eject button, detaching these parts from the hand mixer is simple. Freestanding mixer includes: 1 X Whisk, 2 X Dough Hooks and 2 X Beater for tasks such as: whisking egg whites, mixing a cookie or cake recipe, or kneading dough.

VERSATILE FREESTANDING FOOD MIXER – Choose between using a hand mixer and stand mixer with this Duronic stand mixer alternative. If you do a lot of baking or cooking, having the flexibility to choose between a hand held mixer and a free standing mixer allows you to efficiently tackle a wide range of recipes and tasks with ease and precision. With this mixer stand, experience versatility and convenience for all recipes.

BAKING STAND MIXER WITH POWERFUL 300W MOTOR FOR EFFORTLESS MIXING - This hand stand mixer has a 300W motor providing efficient power for baking and cooking. The innovative design of this stand kitchen mixer includes front vents, enabling the fans to cool the mixer stand while it's in use. There are 5 speeds to choose from along with a turbo function to give you a boost in mixing when required. All the buttons are at the top, within easy reach of your thumb.

LIGHTWEIGHT HANDHELD MIXER AND EASY CLEANING - This baking stand mixer comes with a 3 pin fixed UK plug, uses power supply: 220V-240V 50/60Hz, comes with instruction manuals. All the washable parts can be easily removed, cleaned and washed. This lightweight, yet powerful hand mixer with a clever storage system will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Enhanced Description

SM3 Stand Mixer 

The Duronic SM3 Hand and Stand Electric Mixer is light-weight and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use. Made in a timeless classic black colour with stainless steel elements, the whole mixer unit is sturdy, durable and well designed.

It includes a 4.0L stainless-steel bowl and 5 stainless-steel mixing tools which are easy to attach, use and clean again and again.

Both in appearance and in use, this electronic mixer is a truly versatile appliance in every way. It is not only great to look at, but will also fit nicely alongside your other kitchen appliances.

Designed for people who like to chop and change their method of mixing, this electronic mixer unit allows you to interchange between hand mixer and stand mixer in seconds.

Like a second pair of hands. How often have you had your hands dough-deep and wishing you had another pair of hands to help? The best thing about using a stand mixer is that it frees your hands to do something else, like adding ingredients or even getting a head start on cleaning up! No more messy hands, no more needing to clean them between every step.

With the SM3 you also have the added benefit of being able to use it as a separate hand mixer which will allow you the freedom to move between different bowls of ingredients.

The amount of yummy creations you can make with this mixer are as limited as is your imagination and your recipe book. What will you bake with it? Cakes, biscuits, cookies, flans, muffins, quiches, pies, pancakes, pastry dough, bread dough – whatever you love to bake you can make with ease using this mixer. Just attach your chosen tools, add your ingredients, select the speed you need, and away you go!

Power and Speed

This 2-in-1 electronic mixer is powered with a 300W motor so you can rest assured that you’ll be working efficiently and save time compared to mixing by hand.

With 5 speed settings the SM3 Mixer allows you to control how fast or slow you mix your recipe. When using the whisk tool, you may prefer to use a higher speed to beat the mixture to create a fluffy whipped texture. When using the dough hooks you can select the slower speed to knead the dough thoroughly simulating hand-kneaded dough.

An added feature is the turbo option which will give an extra boost when needed. Great if you are short on time or the ingredients just aren’t coming together the way you would like.

It comes with a large 4.0L stainless steel bowl which when placed on the base will start to rotate along with the moving tools ensuring that beating, whisking, kneading and stirring are done as effectively (if not more) as if you were mixing yourself by hand. The mixing bowl's 4.0L capacity means you can mix large amounts at one time, saving valuable time and energy.

Easy to Attach Accessories


Use the whisk attachment to mix lighter mixtures such as egg whites for meringues, thicken cream for desserts or to create light fluffy pancakes.

Dough Hooks

Use the dough hooks for the tougher or more complex mixing jobs like pies, pastries, pizza dough and bread dough.


The beaters are the perfect all-rounder. Excellent for mixing cakes, muffins, biscuits, eggs, cream, soft potatoes and many other tasty treats.

Special Features

5 Speed Levels

5 different speed settings to allow you to change the speed you're mixing - all with a flick of your thumb!

Light-weight and easy to use

The detachable hand mixer is light weight and easy to use. Perfect for those smaller jobs or for using more than one bowl at a time.

Lock feature

When you want to use the mixer with the stand, simply place the hand mixer onto the base and secure it by pressing the lock button.