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SPS1022-60 Speaker Stands  [set of 2]

Fundamental to any home entertainment system is the speaker set up. Whether you enjoy listening to music, watching movies or playing games, all of these require a good sound system to enhance your experience and make it more pleasurable.

Setting up speakers for your sound system isn’t always as straightforward as you’d imagine. If you want to get the most from them you need to take time to consider a few things.

• Location: where is the optimal position to obtain the best sound and whether the wires are long enough to reach. Is there any furniture in the way to obstruct 
  the sound?
• Surface: what are you placing the speakers onto; will they be on the floor, a table, shelf?
• Will you need stands for your speakers?

Once you have decided on the basic positioning, you then need to consider the smaller (but no less important) details to ensure you get the best quality sound from your speakers. Often, it is the finishing touches and small adjustments that make the biggest difference.

When sound travels through the speaker’s internal cone it moves backwards and forwards in rhythm with it. When this happens, it causes the whole speaker to move slightly, the movements increasing when the volume increases. The movement can cause the speaker to become unstable as well as cause interference with the sound quality. If a speaker is just placed directly onto a surface or floor it will be susceptible to being disrupted by any movement on the floor surface as well as the movement of the speaker itself. What is then needed is something to isolate the speaker from the surface it stands on.

Duronic helping you get the best from your sound system 

A speaker stand is a great way to improve your speakers’ capabilities; by simply elevating a speaker into an unobstructed position, and ensuring they are installed correctly, you can minimise any unwanted vibrational movement and significantly improve the sound quality.

The most effective way of holding your speakers still is by using a speaker stand. The Duronic SPS1022 offers two different ways to improve the sound quality of your speakers depending on the type of floor you have.

These speaker stands use spikes and pucks (spike shoes) as a method of coupling the speakers to the floor; this isolates the speaker from the floor/surface ensuring that any unnecessary vibration and resonance is reduced.

Alternatively, if you have a wooden floor that moves you can use the damping foam pads (instead of the spikes) to decouple the speaker stand from the floor. This ensures that the speaker acts "as one” with the floor and moves in sync with the floor's minute movements. Decoupling prevents the speakers from jolting when the floor moves and limits any interruption to sound output.

SPS1022-60 Features:

Damping Option for Better Sound

The SPS1022 is made of strong steel, designed to hold up to 5kg maximum weight.

The twin column structure offers great support for speakers. Both of the poles are hollow to allow for extra damping should you require it.

Sand is perfect as a filling for damping and as a general rule of thumb the best amount to fill the columns with is 2/3 of the way. This will add extra stability to the stand and will reduce any resonating interference.

Use on Hard or Soft Floors

For absolute versatility, we have provided a variety of fixings for all kinds of flooring. For each stand there are 4x spikes, 4x metal pucks and 4x foam pads.

For the best result use the metal spikes - on the carpet just use the spikes alone, on the hard flooring use the metal puck disks under the spikes to protect the surface of the floor.

Alternatively, we have also included foam pads for use on hard flooring if you prefer to use these instead.

Two Medium-Sized Stands

The SPS1022-60 is our medium sized model which is 60cm high. Made from steel, this pair of speaker stands are strong, sturdy and well built.

They have a load capacity of 5kg and have a footprint of 24x24cm. The speaker platform is 16x16cm, so will comfortably hold speakers this size or slightly bigger.

You can sit your speakers directly onto the steel platform or use the platform spikes to add extra insulation and further reduce unwanted movement..