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Spare Bowl for use with Duronic IM540 Ice Cream Maker only. Ideal when you want to make 2 different ingredients.
Has a very good 1.5 Litre capacity and is perfect if you have limited space in the freezer. The 1.5L quick freeze insulated bowl which is put in the freezer prior to use so please make sure you have space in your fridge of size: 18cm diameter x 15cm height prior to purchase.
Bowl size: 18cm diamater x 15cm - This space is required in your freezer to freeze. (1) Freeze the bowl 8-24H, depends on your freezer. (2) Mix your recipe ingredients and put in fridge so that it's cool and ready to pour. (3) Put frozen bowl in machine, connect everything together and start the machine. (4) Pour your ingredients through the opening in the lid whilst the machine is switched on. Fresh ice cream ready to serve in 15-30 minutes the bowl prior to use
Make fresh ice cream, sorbets and other frozen desserts in the comfort of your own home. It only takes up to 30 minutes on average to create tasty, creamy and soft ice cream. Use your ice cream recipe book to create your desired ice cream when and how you want it.
Not to be used for other Duronic ice cream makers other than the IM540