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EXTRA PLATES FOR WM60, SWM60, SWM60 & TWM60: The WM60 waffle maker machine comes in 4 different variations: WM60 (just waffles only), TWM60 (waffles + toasties), GWM60 (waffles + grill) and SWM60 (waffles, grill & toastie). Whichever model you have, you may decide you need extra plates for it. The SM60SP is a pack of spare plates that includes 2x grill plates and 2x toastie plates.

SANDWICH PLATES: Make delicious deep-filled sandwiches with your choice of fillings. Try the classic cheese toastie, or you could add ham, tomatoes, tuna, beans and more. With just a few ingredients you can make golden toasted sandwiches that are perfect to enjoy for lunch, dinner or even to take on a picnic. You could also get creative and make sweet toasted sandwiches with jam, cream cheese or chocolate. The options are endless!

GRILL PLATES: The grill plates can be used in two ways: either with the machine in the upright position so that you can close the grill down onto the food, or alternatively, opened up fully so that both grill plates lay flat open which gives you twice as much grilling space to cook up a tasty feast. Both plates feature a drain hole that allows excess oils and juices to run out into the drip collection trays below.

SPECIFICATIONS: Included in the SW60SP set: 2x sandwich plates and 2x grill plates. These plates are made specifically or our Duronic WM60, SWM60, SWM60 & TWM60 machines.