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SPARE BATTERY FOR DURONIC VC24 AND VC28 VACUUM CLEANERS: This battery pack is only suitable for Duronic VC24 and VC28 cordless vacuums. It is not compatible with any other vacuum or any other electronic item.
USE ONE, CHARGE ONE: Never be without charge on your vacuum cleaner! Having an extra battery pack means you can always have a battery in use on the vacuum and the other charged up and ready to go
EASY TO INSTALL: Simply slide into the top of your vacuum cleaner and click into place.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This battery can be charged in two ways! Using the charging adapter that came with the VC24/VC28 vacuum, the battery can be recharged separately from the vacuum (i.e. on a worktop or shelf for instance) or whilst attached to the vacuum.
SPECIFICATIONS: This listing is for 1 battery pack. The battery pack is a single enclosed unit that contains 7 battery cells. Lithium content: 94.5g (13.5g/cell). Watt hours: 56.98Wh (8.14Wh/cell). Weight: 315g (45.0g/cell). Size: H 61mm, ø18.55.