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EXTEND YOUR MONITOR MOUNT: The DM45/DM55 spare arm is a single attachment that will extend the arm on your monitor desk mount and allow more flexibility in the existing arm.CUSTOMISE YOUR WORKSTATION: Do you already have a desk mount that you wish had a longer reach? Or are contemplating purchasing one of our Duronic monitor desk mounts but cannot find one with long enough arms to suit your requirements? The DM45 spare arm is an add-on that will solve these issues so that you can extend your set-up to be exactly as you like it.COMPATIBLE WITH DURONIC DESK MOUNTS: This arm can be used on our DM45 and DM55 ranges. It will fit onto DM451 / DM451X1 / DM451X2 / DM451X3 / DM452 / DM453 / DM454 / DM551X1 / DM551X2 / DM552 / DM553 / DM554 / DM55W1X1 / DM55W1X2.SOLID CONSTRUCTION, BUILT TO LAST: The DM45/DM55 arm joint can swivel 180° left to right. When attached to a DM45 or DM55 desk mount each joint can move 180° independently from the others.FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: Black. Made of die-cast Aluminium. Size: 4cm x 26cm.