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5-IN-1 MONITOR STAND: The SMDM10 is an awesome bit of kit which is perfect for anyone working online. Whether you’re filming vlogs, recording podcasts, holding business meetings over Zoom or running a live make up tutorial, this social media set up is ideal for you! Rather than have multiple different monitor stands and device brackets mounted on your desk, with this 5-in-1 desk mount you have everything you need in the one fixture.
SOCIAL MEDIA SETUP: This monitor mount has five strong flexible arms that each hold a different accessory. There is a microphone boom arm, a camera tripod arm, a ring light holder, a laptop support and a monitor arm. Your setup can be customised by adding, removing or repositioning the arms the way you prefer. Included with the SMDM10 is a set of our DMSC1 steel support plates which provide additional desk protection and support.
FULLY FLEXIBLE ARMS: This social media stand is fully adjustable, both in height and in the position or angle of the arms. Each arm can be adjusted forward/backward, up/down, swivel left to right and entirely rotate 360° around the pole. The height and position of the arms on this monitor stand can be re-arranged on the pole in a way that suits you best.
VESA COMPATIBILITY: This monitor stand is suitable for most major brand PC monitors on the market (i.e. Samsung, LG, Dell, to name a few) who adhere to VESA compatibility. It has a 75/100 VESA compliant bracket; this means that the holes on the back of the monitor should be either 100mm or 75mm apart from each other when measured. The monitor bracket can swivel left/right and can rotate a full 360° allowing you to view the screen both vertically and horizontally.
SPECIFICATIONS: Length of the four arms: 33.4cm/13.1in each. Mic boom arm length: 69cm/27.2in. Pole height: 80cm/31.5in. Colour: black. Material: steel. Weight capacities: Camera arm 3kg/6.6lbs, Mic arm 1kg/2.2lbs, Light arm 3kg/6.6lbs, monitor arm 8kg/17.6lbs, laptop arm 8kg/17.6lbs. Compatible with laptop size 10-17” and monitor size 13-27”.