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Multi-Use Sit-Stand Desk WPS57

Sit-stand desks have become a popular topic of discussion in media worldwide, with research and studies suggesting that our sedentary working lives are leading to both short term and long-term health problems. Consequently, many people are now reassessing their workspace in an effort to create an environment that is more ergonomic and comfortable for each individual user. As every person is different and unique, their workspace should reflect this and be tailored to their individual needs.

Studies show that sitting at a desk for more than seven hours a day can greatly affect your health. Many people struggle being sat still at an office desk for this long length of time as it often leaves them feeling lethargic, achy and stiff. Pre-existing health conditions can be made worse and sitting uncomfortably with poor posture can result in additional long-term ailments with the neck and spine. Being sat stationary at a desk for long periods of time can make the user succumb to early tiredness which results in losing concentration and focus on their work. In the corporate environment, research shows that employees are taking absences more than ever due to work-related strain/injuries, illnesses and stress that could otherwise be avoided simply by improving their working environment.

One simple change will revolutionise your workspace more than any other change: swapping your standard desk for a Sit-Stand Desk.
Using a sit-stand desk can do absolute wonders for your health and wellbeing. Because it gives you the option of adjusting the desk to your unique height and raises to allow for standing while working, it allows your body to fall into a neutral posture which puts less stress on your joints and therefore uses less energy. The subsequent increase in your energy levels supports higher levels of concentration, vigilance and accuracy which therefore optimises your work performance as well as your health.
Standing at a desk allows your body to perform micro-movements, which as the name suggests, is when the body makes the smallest unnoticeable movements to balance or get comfortable. These micromovements burn extra calories, improve blood circulation and increase muscle tone. Being more active throughout the day in this way can also improve glucose and insulin levels as well as helping you get a better night’s sleep at the end of the day.

Part of our exciting new range of sit-stand tables, the WPS57 is a multi-use portable desk that can be used in a variety of ways. It is unique to most other models on the market because of its gas-powered extendable arm which allows for creating a tailored position to suit the user, whilst holding the objects on top securely in place. The angled X-frame base provides a counterbalance for when the desk is brought forwards towards the user, as well as allowing more leg space for the user to sit comfortably.

For Adults and Children

The versatile and adjustable design of this desk makes it suitable for both children and grown ups.

The spacious 70x52cm surface provides space to spread out several study books or any equipment you need so you can get to work without any restrictions.

Ideal for a Laptop

The WPS57 portable desk is the ideal size for your laptop or surface computer. It holds up to 10kg.

Perfect if you work in a studio or classroom and just need somewhere practical to hold your laptop at a convenient height.

Tilting Ability

It can be tiring sitting in the same position for too long. If you wish to move your desk to a different position, it couldn't be easier!

Simply squeeze the lever to lift or lower the desktop to the height that suits you.

Adjustable Height

Whether you are using the desk for working at a computer or as a projector stand, the height adjustability is a useful feature which allows you to customise the position of the desk to how you need it.

Additional Features

For ultimate convenience this desktop has two extra features that help you to work in the most organised way possible: a slot specifically designed to hold a tablet or smartphone and an imbedded cup holder to hold your cup securely even when the desk is being adjusted.

Use Sitting or Standing

Whether you prefer to work sitting or standing, with the WPS57 you will have the option to change between the two as and when you need to.
Whilst adjusting the height of the desk, the reach of the tabletop simultaneously adjusts at the same time by moving forward towards the user so that it is at lap-level to them.

Lockable Wheels

Set upon 4 caster wheels, this desk trolley is portable and able to be moved to wherever you need it.

Once you've chosen a place to position it, simply lock the wheels to secure it in place.

Overall Dimensions

The wide X-shaped frame ensures optimal stability and easy manoeuvrability.
The table surface is 70x52cm / 27.6x20.5in, height is adjustable from 72-105cm / 28.3-41.3in, and the base measures 68.5x55cm / 27x21.7in.