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Duronic Sit-Stand Desk Mount DM1K1X1 | Height Adjustable Riser for LCD/LED Screen | Gas Monitor Arm with Keyboard Tray | USB Port | Elevated Workstation Convertor | (Tilt: +15°/-15°, Rotate 360°)

by Duronic
SIT OR STAND WHILE YOU WORK: Sit stand desks are a popular solution to those who want to add variety to the way they work. The DM1K1X1 transforms a standard desktop into a comfortable workstation. It is fully adjustable and allows the user to work either sitting or standing.FULLY ADJUSTABLE DESK RISER: A flexible option for those who want to interchange between sitting and standing - this desk is an ideal solution. It has a gas powered arm which allows smooth easy height adjustment of the whole unit. It features a generously sized adjustable keyboard tray can hold both keyboard with mouse comfortably and can be folded vertically when not in use.ERGONOMIC HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that working while standing is much more beneficial for you than sitting. By standing more during your working day you can improve your health and wellbeing; you’ll have more energy, better circulation, improved muscle tone and even burn calories! Above all, using a workstation like this improves your posture so you can say goodbye to desk-related neck or back pain. At work you will perform better, be more productive, have improved focus and concentration.EASY TO INSTALL: Installation is easy and done without the need for tools. The clamp will fix onto a desk by tightening the clamp screws down to secure it in place. Rubber feet are on the base of the stand which add extra security to the fitting ensuring it will not move from the place it’s fitted. The height of the screen can be adjusted independently, and the screen head can rotate 360° enabling the screen to be used vertically. The arm has integrated cable management for a tidy set up.FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Holds one screen. The mount is VESA 100/75 standard which will fit any screen bracket with screw holes with a distance of 7.5 or 10cm. This strong steel bracket will hold screens from 13 inch to 27 inch, has an 8kg capacity and can tilt +15°/-15°. There are two USB ports for charging gadgets or devices, as well as a phone holder which enables the user to view both computer screen and mobile screen in tandem.