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Duronic Sit-Stand Desk Mount DM1K1X1 | Height Adjustable Riser for LCD/LED Screen | Gas Monitor Arm with Keyboard Tray | USB Port | Elevated Workstation Convertor | (Tilt: +15°/-15°, Rotate 360°)

by Duronic
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DM1K1X1 Desk Mount


The last couple of years sit-stand desks have been a hot topic of discussion in media around the world. Studies have revealed a startling fact that middle-aged adults spend more time sedentary (inactive/sat down) than over 75s!

Modern conveniences contribute to the rise of inactivity; using transport and using escalators/elevators instead of stairs means we walk much less than we should. Not to mention the facility to shop online; with a few clicks shopping is delivered to your door so you no longer have to walk around shops and carry heavy shopping home. However, the most significant contributor to the problem is work. Jobs are becoming more and more office-based and people are sat behind a computer screen not moving much for most of the working day. The growing rate of inactivity in the UK has become a serious concern and is now being highlighted by health experts as something that needs to be improved vastly.

Sitting at work more than seven hours a day can greatly affect your health. Many people struggle being sat at an office desk for this long length of time, often ending up feeling lethargic, achy and stiff. Sitting uncomfortably with poor posture can also result in long-term problems with the neck and spine. It can also be a problem for an employer as workers can become less productive throughout the day when early tiredness kicks in, they lose concentration and cannot focus on their tasks fully.


At Duronic we offer a fantastic solution to get you more active at work and feeling all the benefits it brings: the Sit-Stand Desk. Using a sit-stand desk can do wonders for your health; it can increase your energy levels, burn calories, promote better quality of sleep, improve blood circulation and even muscle tone. It can also improve glucose and insulin levels.

In the workplace a standing desk can benefit you in a lot of ways too. Studies show that workers will experience higher levels of concentration, vigilance and accuracy. Compared to their fellow seated employees they were better at decision making, had better judgement and problem solving skills.

The Duronic Sit-Stand Desk DM1K1X1

This versatile computer desk will hold a monitor, keyboard and also your mobile phone. It has two handy USB ports so you can charge and use other gadgets while you work.

The head/bracket for the monitor is VESA 75/100 standard and is adjustable; it can tilt up and down by +15 / -15°, rotate 360° and can also slide up and down the mount to achieve the optimal position for you.

The whole unit can be easily adjusted by hand to be higher or lower by moving the gas powered arm. Lift it higher to use the desk mount while standing, or lower it to use the desk while seated.This sit-stand workstation also has a keyboard tray that can be adjusted to suit the posture of the user (e.g. tilted forward or backward).


Fully Adjustable
Because of its clever design, the DM1K1X1 is very versatile. The main monitor arm can be moved up and down to accommodate working sitting or standing.

The monitor arm will hold a computer screen up to 8kg in weight and sized between 13"-27". The bracket is VESA 75/100 standard and can rotate 360° to enable the screen to be used vertically as well as horizontally.

Benefit from an Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Black handles on the side of the keyboard tray enable you to reposition the whole stand with your hands on either side.

An additional feature is the keyboard tray which is also adjustable; fixed with a tilting hinge you can position your keyboard ergonomically to fit your posture comfortably.

The keyboard tray is generously sized to hold a keyboard and mouse together.

Everything You Need Right Here
The beauty of the DM1K1X1 is that it's like a workstation hub; it can hold all that you need to work and more. With a phone holder specifically for smartphones you'll always be ready to answer calls and take hands-free video calls.

Additionally, this monitor stand also has two USB ports which can be used to recharge your gadgets while you work.

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DM15: Value range with a combination of limited and increased flexibility depending on the model. (Steel)

DM25: Basic range with better flexibility and smoother design than DM15. (Steel)

DM35: Stronger construction with less flexibility. Arm height can be adjusted without any tools. (Aluminium)

DM45: Solid range. Integrated cable management system. Better tilt mechanism. Arms are longer and stronger making them ideal for large set-ups. (Aluminium)

DM55: Spring-powered range. Arms can be easily adjusted vertically because of the spring mechanism. V-shaped clamp for better stability. (Aluminium)

DM65: Gas-powered range. Arms can be adjusted smoothly without counterweight adjustment. (Aluminium)

DM75: Free-standing range. Allows the installation of multiple computer screens on a pole with a base to stand on a desk. (Aluminium)

DMDC: Gas-powered arms housed in a protective casing. Arms extend from the base and are adjusted vertically without counterweight adjustment. Has a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks (Aluminium)

DMUSB: Gas-powered arms that extend from the base. USB, audio and headphone sockets are integrated into the base. (Aluminium)

DMG: Gas-powered range with a larger extendable clamp that can fit deeper desks. Maximum tilt ability. (Aluminium & Steel)

FREESTANDING MOUNTS: DM25D1, DM25D2 & DM35D2 allow installation of screens on a pole with a base to stand anywhere on a desk. These models have greater tilt ability than DM75.

WALL MOUNTS: We offer five different monitor wall mounts; DM35W1X2 / DM55W1X1 / DM55W1X2 / DM65W1X1 / DM65W1X2. These offer the same features as their respective ranges. (Aluminium & Steel)

LAPTOP MOUNTS: We offer 4 different monitor desk mounts which have an arm specifically for holding a laptop computer or keyboard; DM25L1X1 / DM35L1X1 / DM65L1X1 / DMDCL1X1.

KEYBOARD MOUNTS: Made to specifically hold a screen and a keyboard tray; DM1K1X1 / DM1K1X2.

ATTACHMENTS AND SPARE PARTS: Poles, grommets, spare arms, spare VESA brackets, laptop attachments, keyboard trays and tablet attachments.