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DM05ST1.1 Sit-Stand Desk Frame 

Duronic Sit-Stand Desk Frame DM05ST1.1

Sitting at a desk may seem like a pretty harmless act, however, if you are working for lengthy amounts of time at a desk staring a screen, then how you sit and position yourself every day can affect your health and well-being.

If you have to look at a screen that is higher or lower than your natural line of sight, your head and neck will naturally crane the same way. This will then have a knock-on effect on your overall posture as your spine and shoulders will all be positioned unnaturally and uncomfortably. Over time sitting like this can cause pain, discomfort and long-term health problems. It can also put unnecessary strain on the eyes, which can ultimately have a knock-on effect on your well-being, energy and productivity. That is not to mention the keyboard and mouse, which if not aligned suitably with your arms and wrists, can cause further discomfort and long-term problems.

Ensuring your computer equipment is all at the right height can help to reduce orthopaedic/back pain that can occur, as well as ensuring you work as productively as possible. Once you have your screen and desktop accessories elevated to the optimal level you are sure to see and feel a vast improvement.

At Duronic we have an extensive range of workstations and desk accessories which have been ergonomically designed with the user’s comfort, health and well-being in mind.

The DM05ST1.1 is a frame designed for our Duronic Sit-Stand desks. It is ideal for those who wish to use a Sit-Stand workstation but do not have a desk/table surface to place it onto. Created for those who want to change the way they are working at a standard office desk, using this frame with a Sit-Stand workstation will revolutionise the way you work. It will enable you to choose and alternate between both sitting and standing while at work on your computer, encouraging better movement and improved posture..


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Ideal for Use at Home or in the Office

The DM05ST1.1 has been made to support our Sit-Stand desk models DM05D2, DM05D4 and DM05D8. All three models are compatible with this frame and can be anchored directly into place with a few screws using the Allen key provided. Because of it’s compact size this table can fit in lots of places, including alcoves and spots where a standard office desk might not.

Should you need to store or transport it, the frame can easily be disassembled too.

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Sturdy Reliable Design You Can Trust

Made of strong sturdy steel, this desk frame will easily support a Sit-Stand desk, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or a laptop plus any other accessories you may need to work.

The size of the frame is 85 x 65 x 66cm. The top is narrower at 85 x 57cm which will perfectly fit DM05D2, DM05D4 and DM05D8. The maximum weight capacity of this desk is 50kg.