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Duronic Sit-Stand Desk DM05D7 | Electric Height Adjustable Office Workstation | 92x55cm Platform | Raises from 18-41cm | Riser for PC Computer Screen, Keyboard, Laptop | Ergonomic Desktop Converter

by Duronic
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SIT OR STAND WHILE YOU WORK: Sit stand desks are a popular solution to those who want to add variety to the way they work. The DM05D7 transforms a standard desktop into a comfortable workstation perfect for those who want to work standing. It is fully height adjustable so allows the user to also work sitting, or if they so wish, can allow frequent changes between sitting and standing just by adjusting the height at the touch of a lever.

ERGONOMIC HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that working while standing is much more beneficial for you than sitting. By standing more during your working day you can improve your health and wellbeing; you’ll have more energy, better circulation, improved muscle tone and even burn calories! Above all, using a workstation like this improves your posture so you can say goodbye to desk-related neck or back pain. At work you will perform better, be more productive, have improved focus and concentration.

ELECTRIC POWERED: This workstation is electric; this means that altering the height of your desk to suit your needs couldn’t be any easier to do! Simply press the button on the side of the frame to heighten/lower the desk in one smooth action. This workstation is compatible with Duronic Desk Mounts for monitors. For the monitor mounts please see our extensive range by searching for DM25 / DM35 / DM45 / DM55 / DM65.

QUALITY DESIGN THAT'S BUILT TO LAST: The DM05D7 is structured with a strong steel frame that is capable of holding up to 15kg on the platform and 2kg for the keyboard tray. This workstation can hold a laptop alongside a monitor screen or just a single larger screen if needed. There is also ample space for other desktop accessories such as a keyboard and mouse. The unit is finished off with a clean black colour, giving you a contemporary feel to your workstation set up.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: It is easy to assemble and comes with easy to follow instructions to guide you. Some basic tools are required for installation. Platform measures: 92cm x 55.8cm / Base of stand measures: 93cm x 61.4cm / Height adjusts from: 18cm (lowest) – 41cm (highest). Max weight capacity: platform 15kg & keyboard tray 2kg. To ensure you have enough space to accommodate this workstation, please ensure that your existing desk/work surface is larger than the DM05D7.