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Duronic Sit-Stand Workstation DM05D22 [BLACK] 85 x 51 cm

We have designed a wide range of sit-stand desks that provide unique solutions to almost every computer desk set up. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and features with something to suit everyone.
This model, the DM05D22 is a large electric powered desk that can hold one or two monitors, along with a keyboard, mouse and any other smaller accessories you need at your desk. The height of the desk is manually adjustable from 5-50cm.
Computer screens can either be sat on top of the desk surface or can be fixed to the back edge by using a Duronic desk mount; to search for our desk mounts look for ranges DM25 / DM35 / DM45 / DM55 / DM65. 

Dimensions and Weight Capacity 

The DM05D22 is a large electronic desk that can move up and down at the touch of a button.
The desk surface measures 85 x 51cm, and the keyboard shelf measures 82x32cm.
The footprint of this workstation is 85 x 42 cm, so before ordering please ensure you have this space available on your current desk or table to accommodate the DM05D22. 

Adjustable Height Desk

This model is designed to be adjusted to any height between 5cm up to 50cm.
When the desk is lifted higher, the work surface and keyboard tray will move together at the same time that the height is increased.
One or two freestanding screens can be placed on top of the desk using their existing stand, or alternatively can be held in place by a Duronic monitor screen mount or grommet.
This sit-stand workstation has a keyboard drawer which is large enough to hold both a keyboard and a mouse. 

Automatic Electric Adjustment

The hydraulic gas spring arms electric motor work effortlessly to ensure that any adjustment made to the height of the desk is done with a smooth gliding action.

The whole desk can be easily adjusted by hand using the powered buttons on the base of the unit.

In addition, the DM05D22 has a USB charging port next to the switch, allowing the user to charge their mobile phone or tablet whilst working at the desk.