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Duronic Sit-Stand Workstation DM05D13 [BLACK] 64 x 44 cm

We have designed a wide range of sit-stand desks that provide unique solutions to almost every computer desk set up. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and features with something to suit everyone.
This model, the DM05D13, is a smaller-sized computer desk that can hold one monitor, a keyboard and mouse along with any other smaller gadgets or accessories you need. Ideal for if you are limited on desk space, or share a desk with another person, this workstation is the perfect compact companion. It's supported by a strong narrow base that clamps onto the front of your existing desk/tabletop, so ensures that your workstation stay fixed firm to the desktop surface and while holding all of your computing equipment securely.
One computer screen can either be sat on top of the desk surface or it can be fixed to the back edge by using a Duronic desk mount; to search for our desk mounts look for ranges DM25 / DM35 / DM45 / DM55 / DM65. 

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

The DM05D13 is a smaller-sized desk surface, almost rectangular in shape, with straight sides and narrower rectangular clamp-on base.
The desk surface measures 64 x 44cm and has a bevelled edge for wrist comfort when typing.
It has a special groove specifically made for propping up a tablet or mobile phone, enabling the user to work from both computer screen and tablet/mobile screens simultaneously.
The footprint of this workstation is significantly narrower than the desktop measuring approximately 41 x 30 cm, so when checking that your current desk can accomodate the DM05D13, be sure to check both the footprint size as well as the desk size. 

Adjustable Height and Reach

This model is designed to be adjusted to any height between 12cm up to 40cm.
When the desk is lifted higher, the work surface and keyboard tray will move backwards at the same time that the height is increased.
One freestanding screen can be placed on top of the desk using their existing stand, or alternatively can be held in place by a Duronic monitor screen mount or grommet.

Easy Manual Adjustment

The whole desk can be easily adjusted by hand using the lever on the side of the desk.

Simply grasp the side edge and squeeze the lever; then while holding the lever down, move the desk to your desired height and then release the lever when you have found the right height.

A Sit-Stand Workstation Can Transform the Way You Work

A growing problem in the workplace, and even at home, is the stark rise in inactivity over recent years. Modern conveniences contribute to this; for instance, using transport, escalators or elevators means that we walk much less than we used to. This is not to mention the facility to shop online; with a few clicks of a mouse, anything you want to buy is delivered to you, which conveniently saves you the trouble of having to walk to the shops to buy what you need. Whilst these everyday conveniences are great at making mundane tasks easier to do, they also encourage us to be lazier and move much less than ever before.
One of the most significant contributors to our increase in inactivity is how many of us are now working behind a desk of some sort. Many jobs are becoming more office-based, with employees sat behind a computer screen for hours-on-end with no incentive to get up and move.
Sitting at work more than seven hours a day can greatly affect your health. Many people struggle being sat at an office desk for this long length of time, it often leaves them feeling lethargic, achy and stiff. If you are not seated properly, with a good posture, then the effects of poor seated posture can also result in long-term health problems with the neck and spine.
It can become an issue for employers too; if employees work in a sedentary state, they can become less productive throughout the day when early tiredness kicks in, which results in loss of concentration and focus.
Using an adjustable sit-stand desk can do wonders for your health; it can increase your energy levels, burn calories, promote a better quality of sleep, improve blood circulation and even muscle tone. It can also improve glucose and insulin levels. In the workplace, a standing desk can benefit you in a lot of ways too. Studies show that employees will experience higher levels of concentration, vigilance and accuracy which can only be a good thing for their working performance. Compared to their fellow seated employees they were better at decision making, had better judgement and problem-solving skills. The advantage of an adjustable desk is that you can choose to alternate between sitting and standing, meaning you will always be able to find a comfortable position to work in no matter what mood you are in.