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Short Product Description

12 SILICONE CORNERS IN 1 PACK – This accessory pack includes 12 silicone corners, providing replacements for the two inner drawers and the large drawer of your air fryer.

STURDY SILICONE MATERIAL – Crafted from high-quality rubber-like silicone, these corners stay securely in place on the air fryer trays. They are built to endure daily use and frequent washing, thanks to their durable and heat-resistant properties.

EASY TO FIT – Designed specifically for Duronic air fryer trays, these silicone corners can be effortlessly placed onto the corners of the inner trays, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced performance.

SPECIFICATIONS – Each pack contains 12 silicone corners. Material: Silicone. This pack is intended to provide extra replacement corners for the inner trays of the twin drawers and the large drawer of your air fryer.