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Short Product Description

STREAK-FREE MONITOR CLEANING: Achieve a spotless screen effortlessly with the Duronic SCK105 screen cleaner. This screen cleaning solution effectively removes smudges and streaks with minimal effort. Simply spray a small amount of the cleaning spray onto the microfibre cloth and gently wipe the screen. Allow a few moments for drying, and your screen will be left impeccably clear, free of marks and smudges, and looking pristine.

LAPTOP CLEANER SPRAY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This screen cleaner is suitable for most screens including LCD, TFT, LED, Plasma, and OLED. However, it’s not recommended for use on screens with protective coatings, such as MacBook, iPad, or optical lenses/glasses. Using this cleaning spray on such surfaces may damage the protective coating. If you are unsure whether your screen has a protective coating, please consult the monitor manufacturer for confirmation.

SCREEN CLEANER WITH AMPLE SUPPLY: The SCK105 monitor cleaner includes five 200ml bottles of our screen cleaning spray, providing a total of 1L. This generous quantity ensures you have enough screen cleaner to maintain spotless screens for a long time, making it a cost-effective option for both personal and professional use. Eliminate smudges and fingerprints and enjoy crystal-clear displays for months with this long-lasting computer screen cleaning solution.

MICROFIBRE CLOTH INCLUDED: This screen cleaner comes as a kit – with it comes a small microfibre cloth to clean your monitors with. Microfibre cloths trap dirt and oils with no residues. Its soft texture prevents scratches and damage allowing a scratch free cleaned surface. Cleverly designed so that the quick-drying cloth can fit inside the lid making storage easy. Re-use the cloth by washing with warm water and allowing it to dry thoroughly before next use.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: The SCK105 screen cleaner formula dries quickly and leaves no smears. To use, simply spray the computer screen cleaning solution onto the included microfibre cloth and wipe your screen clean. After wiping, wait a few moments and observe as marks and smudges vanish. The ingredients are listed on the box rather than the bottle, so please retain the box for future reference. The SCK105 kit includes five 200ml bottles of cleaning fluid and one small microfibre cloth.