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Product Short Description

STREAK-FREE CLEANING AT LAST: No need to break a sweat trying to get a clean screen from smudges and streaks; the Duronic SCK101 screen cleaner works brilliantly at getting a clean screen with very little elbow-grease needed. Simply spray a couple of puffs of the cleaner onto the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen with it. Once wiped all over, leave a few moments to dry and clear. The marks and smudges will disappear and your screen will be left looking amazing!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This screen cleaner can be used on most screens like LCD, TFT, LED, Plasma and OLED; however, it is NOT recommended for use on any screens that have a protective coating like MacBook, iPad or any kind of optical lenses/glasses. These few exceptions are because the protective coating material can be impaired by using this product on it. If in doubt, please check with the monitor manufacturer to check if your model has a protective coating.

ENOUGH TO LAST A LONG TIME: The SCK101 screen cleaner is a generously sized 200ml bottle which is sure to last you a long time. It is in a transparent bottle which allows you to see when you are running low and need to re-order some more. Our screen cleaner kit is also available as a pack of 2 is (400ml in total), please search for SCK102 screen cleaner or see the above option for the pack of two bottles. Why not stock up or give one to a friend or colleague.

MICROFIBRE CLOTH INCLUDED: This screen cleaner comes as a kit – with it comes a small microfibre cloth to clean your monitors with. Cleverly designed so that the quick-drying cloth can fit inside the lid which makes storage easy and means you will never lose the cloth. The microfibre cloth is washable and re-usable. Wash with warm water and allow to dry thoroughly before next use.

SPECIFICATIONS: The SCK101 screen cleaner formula is fast drying and smear free. The ingredients are printed on the box instead of the bottle so please read and retain the box for future reference. The SCK101 cleaning kit consists of one 200ml bottle of cleaning fluid and one small microfibre cloth. *Bottle colour may vary between blue and clear.

Enhanced Description

SCK102 Screen Cleaner Kit  [PACK OF 2]

Duronic’s aim is to offer solutions for everyday household and office dilemmas. In this modern world, we have electronic screens are everywhere; from small handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets to computer monitors and widescreen televisions. Cleaning them can be a challenge; often it can be tough to remove every single fingerprint, smear or traces of dust and lint.

But there is a solution: the Duronic SCK102 screen cleaner. Formulated to give you effective results every time, this spray cleaner will produce a clean streak-free result instantly leaving you with a beautifully clean and shiny screen.

How to Use:

Simply spray a few puffs onto the microfibre cloth and wipe the whole screen from top to bottom. You may notice some marks or smudges still visible, BUT if you lift the cloth and allow the formula to dry for a few seconds, you’ll see the liquid dry and the marks disappear quickly before your eyes.

As with all cleaning products, please test it first on a small part of the screen before using on it entirely. Do not spray directly onto the screen, for best results spray onto the cloth first and clean using the cloth.


Studies show that there are more germs harbouring on your phone, keyboard and touchscreen devices then on a toilet seat.

The facts are surprising and yet little often do we remember to clean these devices regularly.

The SCK102 cleaning solution is suitable for all types of everyday device screens such as televisions, computers, tablets and mobile phones. By keeping a bottle of Duronic screen cleaner close to hand you can be sure to always remember to clean and avoid catching nasty germs.

A soft ultra-absorbent microfibre cloth is included and fits perfectly in the cap for storage. This way you will never lose it again, plus it is always ready for the next use.

This fabric cloth is washable and can be reused time and time again.

The SCK102 is a bumper pack of 2 bottles of SCK101 screen cleaner.