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PROJECTOR TROLLEY: The WPS20 is a strong stand suitable for holding your valuable video projector unit. This floor stand has a strong platform which can hold a projector along with any remote controls you may need. The tilt adjustability of the desk means you can achieve a better aligned projected picture with less or no need for having to use the keystone correction feature.USE AS A STANDING DESK: As well as being a projector stand, this table can be used as a portable standing table for a laptop. Ideal for presentations or situations where standing alongside your device is required, this table will be a useful companion in assisting you in your task.COMPATABILITY: With a generously-sized platform the WPS20 will hold almost every household/office projector securely. With the turned-up edges of the platform will prevent the projector unit or smaller items placed on the table from falling off the edge.PORTABLE AND EASY TO MANEUVER: Being set on caster wheels means you can use it where you need it and put it away easily afterwards. The wheels have two locks which avoid the unit moving while in use. The height of the desk can be changed by twisting the plastic fasteners on the pole under the desk and moving the table. Large ‘H’ frame legs allow the unit to maintain high level of stability ensuring it will not tip over.FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum weight capacity: 5kg. The unit is constructed with cold rolled steel for high durability and finished off in a black colour for a contemporary finish. Cable management clips are included as well as a strap to secure the projector to the table. Size of platform: 42.4cm x 37.4cm. Approximate height: 99.5cm. Size of base: 50cm x 49cm.