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Projector Stand WPS20

You have a projector and a projector screen, all you need now is to find the perfect way to mount your projector.

The WPS20 projector stand is a mobile table designed especially for supporting a projector machine. It's an ideal alternative to those who prefer to not have a permanent wall or ceiling mounted installation, and would rather a more versatile option.
This portable table has a unique tilting function to allow for minor angle adjustments to the projected image, and because it's on wheels it can also be repositioned anywhere you need it in relation to the screen to achieve the best quality projected image.
It can also double up as a video/DVD/Blu-ray stand, or as a portable laptop table which can be adjusted to suit both seated and standing use.

Use for a Projector

Perfect for use with a projector, the table surface has a small raised ridge around the edge to prevent objects from sliding off while at the same time low enough that it doesn't get in the way of a low projection lens.

Or Use for a Laptop

The WPS20 portable desk is the ideal size for your laptop or surface computer. Perfect if you work in a studio or classroom and just need somewhere practical to hold your laptop at a convenient height.

Adjustable Height 

Depending on the height of your projector screen you will need to adjust the height of your projector to gain the correct alignment. The telescopic pole allows you to adjust the height from 67.5 - 99.5cm.

Tilting Ability

Quite often it takes a little bit of extra adjustment to help a projector achieve the best quality image. This table can tilt 10 degrees both forward and backwards to help you find the best position for your setup.

Safety Strap Included

For the feeling of extra security, the WPS20 comes with a strong woven strap that can be secured around the projector to ensure it stays in place even when the table is tilted.

Cable Tidy Clip

A cable clip underneath the table surface allows you to keep the set up tidy and organised. The clip is large enough to hold a couple of cables together if needed.

Lockable Wheels

Set upon 4 caster wheels, this projector trolley is portable and able to be moved to wherever you need it.
Once you've chosen a place to position it, simply lock the wheels to secure it in place.

Overall Dimensions

The wide H-shaped frame ensures optimal stability and easy manoeuvrability.
The table surface is 42.4x37.4cm, height is adjustable from 67.5 to 99.5cm, and the base measures 50x49cm.