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Short Product Description

The Duronic Projector screen will provide you with an exceptional matt white screen that will get the best out of your projector screening. These HD and 3D quality screens are perfect for home theatre set up for watching your favourite movie, office set up at work to showcase your presentation, or in the classroom at school. Our Projector Screens comes in many different size to suit your wall.

These Tripod Projector Screen by Duronic are made with a super white matte screen, which are whiter and thicker than many other standard projector screen on the market. These projector screens are easy to use, they roll up inside the metal case provided. It has a Carrying handle on main body which makes it very portable

Duronic Projector Screen are perfect match for all types of HD or 3D projector such as Optoma projector, BenQ projector, Epson Projector, Philips projector and many more brands. Our pearl white matt screen will get the best out of your images.

Our range of Duronic Screens: Duronic Manual Projector Screens, Duronic Electric Projector Screens, Duronic Desk Projector Screens, Duronic Floor Projector Screens, Duronic Tripod Projector Screens, Duronic Fast Fold Projector Screen. Find the full range on Amazon by searching for the correct type you are looking for and clic king on the Duronic brand to filter our full range.

Our range of screens come in ratios of: 1:1. 3:4 & 16:9 so have a good browse to find the perfect screen for you. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ship screens larger than the EPS115/169 outside of the UK. RETURNS: PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE AND WEIGHT IS CORRECT BEFORE ORDERING – we do not offer free returns for the return reason “too big”, “too small”, or “too heavy”.

Enhanced Description

Duronic TPS Tripod Projection Screen 50" / 4:3

Because of their convenience, quality and versatility, projector screens are becoming a popular choice over television screens in the home, office, school or just about anywhere.

This is one of our most popular transportable projector screens which is a great piece of equipment for office presentations and meetings. No need for hanging, fixing or installing as it uses a tripod to stand on the floor. Compared to desk screens, the tripod screen saves on much needed desk space while also being able to be placed against the end of the table/desk for easy viewing and interaction.

Alternatively, it can also be used without the tripod and instead installed on the wall.

The Duronic Tripod Projector Screen is incorporated with a built-in casing which protects it when closed and opens to allow you to erect the screen at any location you wish. This is ideal for someone who travels from office to office and requires a transportable screen that can display their presentation effectively and clearly.

Our TPS projector screens are made from durable double-sided canvas with a +1 gain factor which will display with a clarity and high resolution that won’t disappoint. Suitable for 3D and HD imaging you’ll find using our projector screen will enhance your viewing experience and will display anything you need to clearly and with ease.

To assemble the tripod and screen is an easy task and will be described in detail with its accompanying instructions manual. Please see below for some information on the assembly.

What makes this Projection Screen different from our others is that it can be free-standing OR wall mounted, adding to its versatility and uses. To make it highly transportable, the tripod has a handle for easy carrying and the screen rolls up into the casing. This can be stored upright on the tripod or separately.


Tripod Included

The projection screen can be quickly and easily mounted on the tripod support. Simply unlock the tripod, adjust to the desired height and fix the screen to the bracket with the hook.

Simple Locking System

Thanks to the easy locking system, the screen and tripod are easy to transport or store away.

The two parts (tripod and screen) are connected by a quick locking system. This mechanism is equipped with a handle that allows you to easily transport the screen when needed.

Different Ways to Set Up

The iron bar across the top of the screen can either be used to hold the screen up on the tripod stand, or it can be used to mount the screen on a wall or ceiling.

At Home or Away

Like all of our other projector screens, they have many uses. They are great for watching movies, playing games or watching sports. The added benefit of the TPS is that it's ultra transportable, sturdy and so able to move from room to room with ease. Perfect for trips away or staying with family and friends.

High Definition 50-inch / 4:3

This is a 50-inch / 102 x 76-cm screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The screen is made from a high quality thick matte white fabric (+1 gain factor). It also incorporates black borders which increases the feeling of contrast and the quality of the perceived image.

PLEASE NOTE: when ordering it is important to consider all of the dimensions of the screen & case, not just the actual screen size. On this screen there is a case which adds to the width of the overall space you'll need to display it. Please consider this when selecting which size you need for the space you have.


As with all of our projector screens, we recommend that rolling them when they are not in use is best as it prevents them collecting dust and dirt.

The TPS screen can be easily stored upright on the tripod when not in use.

Duronic offers a wide range of projection screens. Whether you are looking for a portable, tripod, manual, electric or bar screen, we have a wide range with sizes from 40 to 155 inches and ratios of 4:3, 16:9.

Our range includes:

APS / Attachable Projector Screens: a simple canvas screen that attaches flat to the wall with rip tape fastening.
BPS / Bar Projector Screens: a canvas screen with a bar at the top and bottom, that can be hung in two ways (either by one fixed point or two), and can also be rolled up for easy storage.
DPS / Desk Projector Screens: a smaller and highly portable screen that can be erected on a flat desk or table.
EPS / Electric Projector Screens: available in larger sizes, this screen is operated via an electric switch and can roll up into the casing when not in use. A remote control is available sold separately.
FPS / Floor Projector Screens: a screen that comes in a portable case and can be erected on any flat surface. Quick and easy to set up and pack away again.
FFPS / Fixed Frame Projector Screens: mounted in a velvet-covered aluminium frame, the screen is made of a stretchy canvas and held by tension pegs around the frame.
MPS / Manual Projector Screens: a screen that operates via a manual pull-down function and can roll up into the casing for storage.
TPS/ Tripod Projector Screens: a portable screen that be erected any flat surface with its tripod legs.
This screen is an essential accessory to enjoy your video projector. To complete your set up. we also recommend having a look at our projector mounts PB01XB, PB02XL, PB03XB, PB04XL, PB05XB, PB06XL, PB07XB, PB08XL, PB10XM.