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Duronic Fixed Frame Projector Screen FFPS150/169

Duronic Fixed Frame Projector Screen FFPS150/169
There is no denying that a half-decent projector can be expensive, and so quite often people skimp on their choice of the screen or settle for projecting directly onto a wall. While this isn’t the worst idea, it does present several problems that can interfere with the quality of the image. For instance, your wall may have bumps and imperfections that interfere with the image quality and it will not have the light-reflective properties that a projector screen can provide.

The best solution to getting the best picture quality is by using a projector screen.

At Duronic we have a wide range of projector screens with something to accommodate every need; whether you’re looking for a smaller transportable screen for presentations or want a giant flat wall mounted screen to create the ultimate home cinema, we have a screen for you.

The FFPS150/169 Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Unique to any other screens in our range, the FFPS is a flat screen mounted on a lightweight velvet-covered aluminium frame. The screen material is held in place on tension rods to ensure that the screen will never crease or roll up on its own.

The screen itself is made from durable double-sided stretchy canvas with a +1.0 gain factor, ensuring that it will display a projected image with clarity and high resolution that it won’t disappoint. Suitable for 3D, 4D and HD imaging, this screen is compatible with all projectors.

The size ratio corresponds to 16:9, the format used by TV boxes, game consoles, movies, etc.


Screen Dimensions

The white screen is 381 cm (150 inches) diagonally (332 x 186 cm) and the black velvet frame is 344 x 198 cm.

Please make sure you have enough wall space for this screen before you order. In addition to this, it is advisable to check the projection distance of your video projector as some have short / medium / long throws.

Easy Installation

The construction of the screen is relatively simple.

The frame comes in 6 parts that easily attach together to form a strong rectangular shape. The canvas screen is then stretched and attached to the tension pegs all around the frame ensuring that it remains crease-free and wrinkle-free.

Once the assembly is complete, the result is a completely smooth canvas encased within a beautiful velvet frame.

Simple Assembly

Suited for a wall installation, the advantage of this screen is its weight compared to electric and manual projection screens; being much lighter weight means it can be installed even easier on any wall that has enough space for it.

Screw holes are positioned on the top and bottom of the frame which allow the screen to be mounted on the wall using a simple screws and raw plugs.

Ideal for home cinemas, evenings with friends or family, watching sport, gaming, presentations and professional conferences

Duronic offers a wide range of projection screens. Whether you are looking for a portable, tripod, manual, electric or bar screen, we have a wide range with sizes from 40 to 155 inches and ratios of 4:3, 16:9.

Our range includes:

APS / Attachable Projector Screens: a simple canvas screen that attaches flat to the wall with rip tape fastening.
BPS / Bar Projector Screens: a canvas screen with a bar at the top and bottom, that can be hung in two ways (either by one fixed point or two), and can also be rolled up for easy storage.
DPS / Desk Projector Screens: a smaller and highly portable screen that can be erected on a flat desk or table.
EPS / Electric Projector Screens: available in larger sizes, this screen is operated via an electric switch and can roll up into the casing when not in use. A remote control is available sold separately.
FPS / Floor Projector Screens: a screen that comes in a portable case and can be erected on any flat surface. Quick and easy to set up and pack away again.
FFPS / Fixed Frame Projector Screens: mounted in a velvet-covered aluminium frame, the screen is made of a stretchy canvas and held by tension pegs around the frame.
MPS / Manual Projector Screens: a screen that operates via a manual pull-down function and can roll up into the casing for storage.
TPS/ Tripod Projector Screens: a portable screen that be erected any flat surface with its tripod legs.
This screen is an essential accessory to enjoy your video projector. To complete your set up. we also recommend having a look at our projector mounts PB01XB, PB02XL, PB03XB, PB04XL, PB05XB, PB06XL, PB07XB, PB08XL, PB10XM.