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Duronic EPS Electric Projection Screen 80" / 4:3

Because of their convenience, quality and versatility, projector screens are becoming a popular choice over television screens in the home, office, school or just about anywhere. They are also great for presenting data, presentations, viewing photo slides or playing video games on.

How about creating a home cinema experience? Simply close the curtains, turn off the lights, grab the popcorn and snuggle up to watch your favourite films on a big screen in your own home! Or perhaps you will create an outdoor cinema for watching movies under the stars.

Are you big on gaming? It can sometimes get crowded playing games along with friends around a television screen. By using a High Definition projector screen, you and your fellow gamers can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

In the office or classroom, a projector screen is a versatile piece of equipment that soon becomes invaluable thanks to its ability to be convenient to open and use, as well as close again when not in use. The added convenience of having a screen like the EPS is that it is motorised and can be controlled remotely. This means that a lesson or presentation doesn't have to pause or stop while the screen is being opened or put away. At a touch of a button the screen will open or close while the meeting/lesson continues.

Our EPS electronic projector screens are made from durable double-sided canvas with a +1 gain factor which will display with a clarity and high resolution that won’t disappoint. Suitable for 3D and HD imaging you’ll find using our projector screen will enhance your viewing experience and will display anything you need to clearly and with ease.

These motorised screens are strong, well made and easy to install and come with two different kinds of fixings to ensure you can install your projector screen in any location you wish. Having a electronic screen like this model is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and an ideal solution for those who wish to have their screen installed into a fixed place and want the ability to roll the screen up and hide it away again after use.

Compared to a manual/spring screen, the motorised screen can be adjusted more accurately to suit the projected image. In addition, the electrical mechanism avoids any damage or marks to the screen that might occur during abrupt handling.

PLEASE NOTE: the remote needs to be purchased separately. If you would like to purchase it search for " Duronic EPS/Remote Control". You can still use the projector screen without the remote as it has a switch attached to the screen wire. The remote control is for added extra for the convenience of the user.


Simple Installation
The screen can be installed on either the wall or ceiling using the fixtures provided.

Our screens do not allow light to penetrate through from behind, and so a favourite location for our customers is installing the screen on the inside of a window frame. A bonus is that it makes the casing super discreet and then turns the window into a screen when you pull it down.

Motorised movement
Unlike the manual screens we offer, this electronic screen is different because its the only one that is controlled electronically. Simply press the switch to open the screen, and press again when you want to close it. It couldn't be easier!

You don't have to close your screen after every use but we do recommend that you do to keep the screen dust and dirt free.

Infrared Remote Control
A wired remote control is integrated into the screen to control the screen.

For added convenience the projector screen can also be controlled remotely.

Please note that the remote is not included, so if you would like to also purchase this seperately please search for Duronic EPS/Remote Control.

Smooth and Wrinkle-free Screen

The bottom of the electronic screen has a bar which pulls the screen down with its weight. This will ensure that the screen stays straight, un-creased and hung evenly.

High Definition 80 inch screen / 4:3
This is a 80-inch / 163 x 122-cm screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The screen is made from a high quality thick matte white fabric (+1 gain factor). It also incorporates black borders which increases the feeling of contrast and the quality of the perceived image.

PLEASE NOTE: when ordering it is important to consider all of the dimensions of the screen, not just the actual screen size. On this screen there is a casing which adds to the width of the screen. Please consider this when selecting which size you need for the space you have.

At Home or at the Office

Whether used in the home, office or classroom, investing in the Duronic Remote Control will be worth while, especially if you like the idea of added convenience.

We often hear from customers that being able to control the screen remotely also gives a sense of awe and leaves a big impression to anyone watching the set up!

Duronic offers a wide range of projection screens. Whether you are looking for a portable, tripod, manual, electric or bar screen, we have a wide range with sizes from 40 to 155 inches and ratios of 4:3, 16:9.

Our range includes:

APS / Attachable Projector Screens: a simple canvas screen that attaches flat to the wall with rip tape fastening.
BPS / Bar Projector Screens: a canvas screen with a bar at the top and bottom, that can be hung in two ways (either by one fixed point or two), and can also be rolled up for easy storage.
DPS / Desk Projector Screens: a smaller and highly portable screen that can be erected on a flat desk or table.
EPS / Electric Projector Screens: available in larger sizes, this screen is operated via an electric switch and can roll up into the casing when not in use. A remote control is available sold separately.
FPS / Floor Projector Screens: a screen that comes in a portable case and can be erected on any flat surface. Quick and easy to set up and pack away again.
FFPS / Fixed Frame Projector Screens: mounted in a velvet-covered aluminium frame, the screen is made of a stretchy canvas and held by tension pegs around the frame.
MPS / Manual Projector Screens: a screen that operates via a manual pull-down function and can roll up into the casing for storage.
TPS/ Tripod Projector Screens: a portable screen that be erected any flat surface with its tripod legs.
This screen is an essential accessory to enjoy your video projector. To complete your set up. we also recommend having a look at our projector mounts PB01XB, PB02XL, PB03XB, PB04XL, PB05XB, PB06XL, PB07XB, PB08XL, PB10XM.