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PB08XL Projector Mount Bracket

If you have your projector, all you need is a strong reliable bracket to hold up your projector on the ceiling or wall and a good quality projector screen (check out our huge range of Duronic projector screens). When you have all of these sorted, you’re good to go!

At Duronic we have a range of brackets for projectors to suit every requirement. All of our projector mounts are universal and fully adjustable; they will fit most projectors securely and with ease. They are all capable of rotating 360°, so if the mounted projector is aligned off-centre from the screen you can rotate the projector to align it more accurately.

Most people will consider aesthetics before anything else; will this look good? Will it stand out? Rest assured, even though a projector mount is just a fixing, we have designed them in 3 different colours so you are sure to find one that will fit right in.

While the appearance is important to the eye of the beholder, it’s important to first determine where and how you want the projector to be installed.

While installing a projector bracket is a fairly straightforward task, we do advise that you take time and care in deciding what bracket you need and where you will install it in your home.

Finding the best place to position your projector can be tricky. Please consider:

1. What your machine is capable of; i.e. what the distance required is to project the picture onto the screen and what the projection size is. These are usually determined by the spec of your projector and usually referred to as “short”, “medium” or “long throw”. You will be able to determine what throw your projector is by checking it’s manual.

2. The size and shape of the room

3. Height of the ceiling

4. If you want to mount the projector on the wall or ceiling

5. Where the power cable will be positioned


High Ceiling / Bigger Space / Longer Throw

If you have a high ceiling or decide you want to mount the bracket on a wall, then a pole mount could be the best option. Our pole models (PB02XL, PB04XL, PB06XL, PB08XL and PB010XM) are extendable and can be manoeuvred to achieve a unique position. An added advantage is that the pole is completely removable; the bracket can still be used without the pole so, should you wish to mount it somewhere different in the future, you have the option to use the pole or not.

If you’re unsure if you even need a pole, it’s best to opt for one of these models to be on the safe side. This will ensure you have all the flexibility you could possibly need and if you decide you don’t need the pole you can store it away. Models PB04XL & PB06XL offer greater flexibility than PB02XL. PB010XM is just for fitting to a wall.


Low Ceiling / Smaller Space / Shorter Throw

If your ceiling/wall is low or slanted you will need to opt for a model that has greater tilt flexibility to counteract the slant and to ensure you are able to easily adjust the projector to align with the screen. Likewise, if you have a short-throw projector you will also be looking for a model that can tilt deeper to meet the screen at a short distance. Models PB01XB and PB05XB have greater flexibility than PB03XB.

If you are confident that your chosen location and the projector will require less flexibility, Duronic also offers a standard mount – PB03XB - which sits closer to the ceiling. It still has some tilt ability and can rotate 360° like all of our other models.


Minimising Extra Adjustments

The greater flexibility the mount gives you, the less likely you are to need to use keystone correction on your projector. If you install your projector mount correctly and have the projector mounted in the optimal position, you’ll achieve great picture quality with little (or no) need to re-adjust. Any significant adjustments that you’ll need to initially make to the angle/tilt/rotation of the projector can be done by using the Allen key included; once this is done you won’t have to re-adjust the bracket again.

If, however, you’ve mounted your projector and the picture is still not 100% aligned with the screen area, you can correct this by using the keystone correction feature which will allow you to adjust further to achieve the best image shape.

PB08XL Projector Mount: Specs 

10kg / 22lb Weight Capacity

Extendable with 360° Rotation

180° Backwards-Forwards Tilt Action

180° Swivel Side-to-Side Movement  


• Your projector mount will need to be located opposite the projector screen at an optimised distance as per the projector’s requirements, so please check this 
   carefully beforehand. 
• Once you find the ideal location for your projector (wall or ceiling), you will need to consider if you want a close-fitting mount or a pole mount which will extend
   down (from the ceiling) or outwards (from the wall). Once you determine this, you can narrow down your search from our selection of models.
• You will need to ensure you select a mount that minimises the need for keystone correction use; the better the projector can align by just using the bracket alone 
   will give the best quality image. 

Duronic projector mounts are universal and should fit any projector unit; they will fit all projectors with 3 or 4 mounting screw holes and will hold at least 10kg, 13kg or 15kg depending on the model.

PLEASE NOTE: while we have designed our range of mounts to fit universally with most projectors, they will not fit some industry-standard/larger projectors which may be heavier and require different fixings/brackets. Please check with your projector’s manual to ensure that our bracket will be suitable for your projector before purchasing.